DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 32: YouTube Censorship & Decentralized Content Platforms

In this episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast co-host Steve goes over the decentralized content alternatives to YouTube

The purpose of creating decentralized platforms is to get away from known centralized platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. The following programs mentioned don't allow users to have complete control over content and servers.

In this episode, Steve focuses on the art of creating one's content using different decentralized platforms and how uploading podcasts, blogs, or vlogs has been of help to creators worldwide. Also, he discusses the pros and cons of the said resources.

Steem on Steemit

Steem is a type of blockchain that underlies another sophisticated platform system (Steemit) that handles cryptocurrency. With Steem, users have access to the cryptocurrency as well as being able to comment, upload, and download content. Steemit is the type of platform that lets people create various materials such as videos, blogs, etc. However, speed is an issue. Users may have difficulty in uploading content quickly in comparison to other platforms.


Pronounced as "library," the LBRY platform came into the crypto world after Youtube decided to take down videos, which made it hard for content creators who made a living out of uploading videos and blogs. LBRY has its token, and it also allows users to transfer content from Youtube in a decentralized manner. Although it may take a while, moving content is worth it.


Bittube is somehow similar to LBRY, wherein you can transfer content from Youtube and earn tokens along the way. However, being one of the first programs released in the Divi community, there is a tendency to have unmonitored spams coming your way. Although strategies have changed, Bittube continues to cater and serve several users up to this day.


The first three platforms mentioned are Steve's top three platform picks. On the other hand, ContentBox also does the same as the top three. However, Steve indicates that there are currently no updates installed despite the company stating that they've developed improvement in the system.

Overall, Steve continues to mention several other small platforms. Although these are not as big and successful as the top three mentioned, these platforms still become a way for content creators to showcase their creativity and their individuality.