How to Set Windows Defender Firewall for the Divi Desktop Wallet

When you open the wallet, you may see a window that pops up looking like this.


You should get this set to PRIVATE, not PUBLIC. If it doesn’t want to work with a Private network, you may need to adjust settings manually:

Type “Defender” into Windows Search and Click Windows Defender Settings


Click “Firewall and Network Protection”


Click “Allow an app through firewall”


Scroll down the window until you see Divid.exe


If you don’t see Divi Desktop next to it, then you’ll need to add it:
Click “Change Settings”
Click “Allow another app”
A Window will open. Find Divi Desktop.exe here:
c:Program Files/Divi Desktop/Divi Desktop.exe
Select this to add it to the list.

Click the box to the left of it on the left, and set it to PRIVATE


If you find that it doesn’t work and it wants to be set to Public Network then this is how you can change it to private.

Once you set your network to private, you can run the Divi Desktop wallet again after making sure both Divi files are set to Private.