October 12, 2018, Development Update

It has been a few weeks since we launched mainnet and our desktop wallet. Here are a few details on how we have been doing since launch.

  • We have had over 300 nodes deployed
  • A stable network
  • 70%+ of DIVX redeemed for DIVI

It has been an exciting seeing all of the numbers grow.

The DIVI Desktop Wallet has been updated, v1.0.5 has been released and brings a lot of UI improvements & a few new features. We encourage everyone to update and help us test this latest release!


Bug fixes

  • Check for redundant naming
  • Balance display issues
  • Potential memory leak
    • This will resolve issues with CPU usage
  • Update masternode rewards chances during MOCCI setup (visual)
  • Wallet recovery creating wallet.dat.rewrite file in addition to wallet.dat
  • Display masternode info in masternode listing

New features in this release

  • Check Masternode status from GUI
  • Cancel masternode deployment
  • Button to start/restart masternode from GUI
  • Warn user of auto-update
  • Changelog on auto-update

This is just the start of many updates you can expect to see from us.



Windows users will receive the update automatically. A restart may be required.

OSX & Linux

Upgrading to this version will not require a "clean install" if you are already running version 1.0.0. Simply close the application, install the new version, being sure to overwrite the old one, and restart the application.

How Can I Help With Development or Report Issues?

If you want to help, get involved just go over to the Divi forums.