Weekly Update September 14, 2018

With more than 75 nodes running and the network being stable, we are all feeling very confident in the tech at this point. As many of you have saw in Wednesday's announcement we are planning on launching the last week of this month. Stay tuned for an exact time and date as we get closer.

Both the beta and security testing have been making lots of progress this week. The development team is also now creating daily GUI builds, and we are feeling very good about the progress we have made.

We at Divi would also like to personally thank every supporter who has stuck by our side despite the challenges faced over the past year. By taking this additional three months, we have been able to implement some truly unique features and updates to the blockchain that we can really be proud of.

After launch, you can expect to see an updated roadmap and some in-depth blogs about the unique technology Divi has created.

Also, we will be heading to NYC for MONDO on October 1st to sit on a panel alongside Steemit and SONM, where we will be talking about earning an income with blockchain. We will also have a pop-up where we will be demoing the MOCCI and helping people take their first steps into crypto. If you would like to attend, we’d love to see you there.

Mondo NYC Event: https://www.Mondo.nyc