[VOTE] Divi Supply Increase

We have spent enough time discussing and the time has come to vote on the future of Divi's supply.

Please read through the following post thoroughly before casting your vote. It is of the utmost importance that you fully understand what you are voting for. If you have questions or concerns please contact us on Telegram.


This vote will run for exactly seven consecutive days from the time of posting. After which, no further results will be considered.

You must hold at least 1,000 DIVX for your vote to be considered.

Results will be tracked and posted publicly at the end of the vote.

Quick recap

If you're just joining us, the proposed supply increase will change the exchange ratio from the originally planned 1:1 to a new rate of either 1:100, or 1:1000.

We are doing this because the current supply of DIVX (~6M) is not adequate to achieve our ultimate goal of mass adoption.

Am I going to lose money 😫?

No. Although the price per token will go down, everything else will scale accordingly.

ELI5 example:

Kevin has 1,000 DIVX and is ready to redeem his DIVI at a ratio of 1:100 (that's 100 DIVI for every one DIVX he owns).

Let's also assume the price per DIVX in USD is $3.00.

Kevin has $3,000 worth of DIVX.

After the swap, Kevin now has 💰💰💰 100,000 DIVI 💰💰💰 because 1000 (DIVX) x 100 = 100,000.

The price per DIVI in USD is 100 times less, or $0.03. BUT since Kevin has 100 times more DIVI he still owns $3,000 worth!

Kevin's Copper masternode now costs 100,000 DIVI, which he has!

Kevin is worried that the lower price of his coins means that the market cap of DIVI has gone down the tubes. He checks CoinMarketCap and realizes that, due to the 100x increase in supply - the market cap has remained the same! How is this possible? It's simple!

There were 6,000,000 DIVX in existence. They all cost $3.00.

3 times 6,000,000 is 18,000,000.

After the redemption period there are now 600,000,000 DIVI. They all cost $0.03.

0.03 times 600,000,000 is 18,000,000.

Kevin is also pleased to learn that each block contains 1250 DIVI now!

All the rewards have scaled to match the new supply figures.

But why do we need to increase supply?

The fundamental goal of the Divi Project is to achieve mass adoption of cryptocurrency. This cannot be done with a low supply of coins to go around.

Issue one: Low supply makes worldwide ownership unnattractive:
Imagine if the entire world only had $6,000,000 to go around. With over 9 billion people on earth that leaves just $0.0006666666666667 for each person on the planet. Not ideal.

No one (including merchants) likes dealing in fractions:
Average people are used to spending denominations of dollars that make sense (pun not intentional).

Let's try to buy a $3.25 cup of coffee with Bitcoin, since it is arguably the most widely adopted/known cryptocurrency in existence.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is worth $8,867.83. That means that the $3.25 cup of coffee would cost roughly 0.00036649 BTC.

Now let's multiply that number by 1000 and we get just around 0.40. Four dimes, eight nickels, forty pennies... however you want to look at it, it's much more digestible, familiar, and manageable for the average user.

Psychologically, lower priced coins perform better

This fact is not made up. For newcomers to the space, lower priced coins have a perceived value proposition. Although it isn't actually the case, many believe that because a coin has a low price, it's more likely to rise to great heights.


Additionally, users tend to enjoy complete ownership rather than fractional. It is much more fun to own 100,000 of something than it is to own 0.001 of the same thing.

Furthermore, a vast majority of newbies don't even realize that fractional ownership is an option in cryptocurrency. Most people who are used to traditional investments like stocks are accustomed to owning a full share and don't realize that cryptocurrencies break down into dozens of decimal places.

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