DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 22: Is Tokenizing A Must Nowadays?

DIVI Crypto Podcast Show Notes For Episode 22 with Geoff McCabe

Ever since, Bitcoin has always gained popularity for being a kind of cryptocurrency that caters to the population’s preference, especially when it comes to online transactions.

In this episode, Steve starts the conversation by asking Geoff, “should we tokenize everything?” especially with continued developments in the field of token utilization. Geoff being in favor of the whole idea itself, thinks that the usage of Bitcoin should be in moderation despite the continued growth in the industry.

Diminish The Misconception About How Tokenization Works

As Geoff continued to make a point regarding Steve’s question, he remembered a video that he once saw that tried to explain how tokenization works. It was both a good and bad thing seeing how the video explained everything because although it put Bitcoin in a good light regarding secure transactions, the makers used an example that can send a different message to potential clients. Geoff further explains that the case involved tokenizing a house, and he sees this as a concerning thought because people will now have a fear that hackers can gain access and eventually take the house away (or any major purchase) from you.

Non-Fundable Tokens (NFT)

Steve expresses his awe regarding the development of NFTs as well as how convenient it is for most users, especially in games. Gamers can now have a chance to share the revenues of the game because of the concept behind NFTs. Geoff also agrees and considers NFTs as a vital aspect in the industry of tokens, which is why he also started working on a project that involved this type of currency, which he thinks can benefit the Divi ecosystem overall.

The Development Of The Divi Ecosystem

Geoff now sheds light on the future of Divi ecosystems, which he compared to other software like that of Apple. Divi’s take on the creation of an ecosystem is that a particular blockchain becomes the leading network for Divi itself. Geoff takes pride in the success that Divi has regarding one-click solutions that can result in a modern take on the now growing blockchain payment process.

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