September 27th - redeem and launch!

September 27th - redeem and launch!

Our biggest technological development to date, the launch of the DIVI protocol MainNet checks off an exciting milestone for DIVI on the path to becoming the world’s first blockchain protocol to offer a true Once-Click Cloud Install. To our developer community and tech aficionados, the code behind our protocol has been released on Github. This is just the first step of many on our path to revolutionizing blockchain adoption and providing an end-to-end solution for the masses.

Today people are now able to redeem their DIVX for DIVI. Today you will also be able to setup masternodes using our Once-Click Cloud Install (MOCCI).

Here are some other very exciting features to look for.

MOCCI - Masternode One-Click Cloud Install

Divi's MOCCI (pronounced mo-chee) will be included with the desktop wallet at launch making us the first to have a truly one-click solution to masternode setup for the cloud. For now, we’re limited to Digital Ocean, but later we’ll add more options, including deployment to your own cloud host. This is a game changer for masternode fans as it will require no CLI or technical knowledge in order to use. Select your masternode layer and press deploy. That's it.

DVS - Dynamic Value Sporks

Divi will be the first crypto to implement sporks that can make dynamic changes to the blockchain. This allows for governance-based changes on the fly. We can change various things like min/max payment values, the minimum requirements to qualify for lottery block awards, and a few others things. DVS allows us to do this without forking the blockchain or even requiring a software upgrade.

Lottery Blocks

As far as we know, Divi still is the only crypto to implement something like our Lottery Block system. Once per week, anyone with 10,000 DIVI or more in an actively staked wallet, or in a masternode can win. The amount will be 504,000 DIVI each time. 50% goes to a single big winner, and 5% to 10 other smaller winners.

Micropayments Ready

Divi’s unique fee structure sets it apart from our predecessors. Bitcoin, Dash, and Pivx all base fees solely on the size (in bytes) of the transaction. The larger it is, the more space it takes up in the blockchain. Therefore they charge more. Divi has no miners to collect fees (our fees are burned), so we base our fees on the value of the transaction, then modify that based on the size.

Bottom line: Divi will be able to do micropayments, while more well-known crypto projects cannot. Penny or sub-penny transactions for song/video views, micro tips, and IOT (Internet of Things) are just some of the uses.

UTXO Bloat Control

Every staking wallet or masternode keeps a copy of every unspent transaction in RAM at all times, leading to UTXO bloat for many cryptocurrencies. This slows down processing time. Divi has implemented a system whereby when people stake their coins, UTXOs are automatically combined, without a fee. We anticipate this will help keep the UTXO set to a minimum and speed up transaction processing and have already witnessed this on a small scale during testing.