September 13, 2019, Weekly Update

Divi Desktop Version 1.4.0 Available Now

This minor release adds several new features, fixes several bugs, and enhances the security and user experience of the client.

🚀 Features

  • Mini mode allows the client to show only the important information in a small window
  • Advanced mode hides/shows certain advanced features that are not necessary for or confuses non-technical users
  • Multiple sources being queried for price data, including an average of all sources

  • Notifications for incoming transactions, rewards, successful sends, and Telegram announcements

  • Autofill recipient name from the address book on send screen


  • Add sorting options for the transaction history


  • Set how long the wallet should wait before re-locking by default.


  • Uninstall from settings

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fixed bug where spendable balance isn't visible from send screen
  • [OSX] Fixed bug where USD values and balances would disappear from GUI after sending a transaction
  • Fixed issue where manually commenting out a masternode wouldn't remove the masternode
  • [OSX] Fixed an issue where Divi Desktop would corrupt if OSX was randomly restarted
  • Remove "Enable staking" from settings
  • Fix "Rows per page" in settings so that it actually changes how many rows are displayed per page
  • [Win 10] Fix restore masternodes issue
  • Fix promo codes issue
  • Fix issue where Primer is affecting masternode.conf
  • Transaction cards no longer randomly open/close
  • Fixed issue where Start Masternode button becomes inactive

🎉 Enhancements

  • Staking on/off switch
  • Updated logos throughout the app
  • Additional checks for combine UTXOs
  • Remove auto-combine UTXOs in favor of manual setup from settings
  • Auto-update closes/reopens app
  • Random, community-generated quotes on startup
  • Dozens of UI/UX updates
  • Dozens of MOCCI improvements
  • Improved backend metrics tracking for MOCCI servers
  • Order masternodes by various parameters
  • Improved settings interface
  • Updated settings copy and improved functionality for Rescan
  • Pagination starts from the top
  • Post-sync daemon restart improvements
  • Double checkmark to indicate a spendable transaction
  • Update price more often, automatically

Beta sign-up is live


Users can sign up to be the first to know when the Divi Card by Ridivi, mobile wallet, and more are available. Be the first in line when these exciting products go live and sign up today.

Divi in the media

Influencers are taking a liking to Divi ever since the announcement last week.

Steve McGarry (HackCrypto) interview

Bad Crypto podcast

Bitcoin Ben interview

Crypto Crow shoutout

Wild West Crypto interview

Crypto Millionaire Boardgame

The Crypto Millionaire Boardgame Kickstarter, featuring Divi as one of the in-game currencies, launched this week. At the time of writing, they have raised $2,053 of their $7,157 goal from 58 backers. Make sure you secure your copy by following this link!

Blockchain-based MMO Taurion now live

Users can mine for real Divi in Xaya's latest MMO, Taurion. The game is currently available on Windows, and over $3 000 worth of Divi is up for grabs! Get prospecting!

Nick Saponaro in The Daily Hodl

Nick Saponaro is quoted in a recent article on the Daily Hodl describing the troubles with onboarding no coiners into cryptocurrency and the necessity for inclusion in the space.

Seven weeks in the top 10

Divi has appeared in Masternode Buzz's top 10 best-performing masternode list seven weeks in a row.


Masternode Buzz reports on Ridivi

Ridivi is one of the most exciting announcements we have made since the Divi's inception. You can read more about it on Masternode Buzz now.