Reflecting on 100 Days Since Divi's Main Net Launch

I’m typically not one to dwell on the past but rather reflect on past actions and apply them to my present-day life. But certain milestones, I must admit, are a bit more nostalgic and warrant more in-depth reflection. Today is one such occasion as it marks the 100th day since the Divi Project blockchain minted its genesis block. Some 144,738 blocks have been minted (at the time of writing) since that day, and I must say, I’m quite pleased with the direction we’re taking.

I started working with this project 1 year and 7 months ago. In that time I have been fortunate enough to climb to founder status with Divi and expand my knowledge of blockchain, programming, public speaking, and community management to heights I never dreamed possible.

Divi in the media

I have and always will believe in the power of grassroots, organic growth, and Divi has shown me that, while this methodology is not the path of least resistance, it is indeed the most rewarding. We have never paid a scam artist YouTube shill to promote our coin. In fact, we have never paid for any editorial media yet we have been featured on the likes of CNBC, NASDAQ, Cheddar, BoldTV, This Week in Tech, ZDNet, Yahoo! Finance, and far more mainstream media than any other sub-100 cryptocurrency has.

Credible YouTubers like Steve McGarry and Crypto Mining have done in-depth reviews and recaps regarding Divi rewards.

We’ve also talked to other smart YouTubers, like Kevin Muldoon, Seth Estrada, and Kenn Bosak.

We spoke and appeared at many conferences, including Mondo NYC and Washington Elite.

Geoff and me at Block Con

That time I met Tim Draper and pitched Divi

We’ve been covered in Blockchain Media as well, including Block Tribune, ThirtyK, Masternodes.Buzz

We got a verified profile on Inc..

We sponsored our 2nd annual Spaghetti Project, which delivered food to dozens of Phillipino villagers on Christmas Eve.

We won the 3rd place in Masternodes.Online’s contest

Plus, so much more media has been earned since day 0, it’s truly astounding to think about.

Development progress

Since launch day, with a team of just five developers, we have delivered half a dozen Divi Desktop updates, adding many new features and UX improvements.

We are on the verge of launching our PayPal integration, which will allow users to pay for their MOCCI hosting with their credit or debit card.

We have implemented Atomic Swaps on our private test network, and we’re nearly ready to deploy our first soft-fork to apply this amazing technology at scale.

Work on the mobile wallet continues to move forward, and we are already at a functional stage of development with that project.

A Raspberry Pi implementation of the Divi Core has been successfully compiled and run, and we are making plans to distribute a ready-made image to make deploying a masternode to a micro-computer easier than ever before.

A full security audit has been performed, and critical bugs have already been resolved, with less-critical issues being addressed as this is being written. I am particularly proud of the level of security our ecosystem provides users, as none of the discoveries found during the third-party audit affect user security or privacy in any way.

Exchanges and partnerships

Midas Foundation listed Divi on their mobile wallet and Vinex exchange.

NASDAQ powered DX.Exchange will list Divi.

SWFT is listing $DIVI, allowing for easy swaps between hundreds of other currencies.

There are many other partnerships, exchanges, and co-branding efforts currently in progress, and we look forward to sharing these updates soon.

Moving forward

We’re gearing up new initiatives in 2019, some of which have already begun.

The Divi Crew is achieving great success in spreading the word about Divi to all corners of the globe.

Our marketing strategy is beginning to take shape and should be ready for action within the next month or so.

Our roadmap has a ton of features that will be developed throughout the year, and all of them are based around the same goal: making cryptocurrency feasibly usable, accessible, and understandable.

New services and use-cases are being implemented and developed now as well, and I am beyond ecstatic to share them with the community as they become production-ready.

Final thoughts

The Divi Project will continue to be the little engine that could. Amidst one of the most brutal crypto winters I have ever experienced, we continue to maintain consistent development progress and the community is thriving and growing daily. We did not lay off even one employee during the drought. We have always been a team that runs lean and mean with no fat to trim and no excess dead weight. We’re a professionally run organization that knows how to succeed in any climate.

I still, to this day, believe in what we are doing here at the Project because I feel that cryptocurrency will one day be adopted by the masses.

I think a lot of people don't realize how vital the Divi ecosystem is to cryptocurrency. If this industry is to evolve from a trough of speculative assets to a viable alternative to traditional finance, there is only one path forward, and that is through superior user experience and the facilitation of accessibility from the real world to the crypto world. Many claim to do it but Divi can actually accomplish this goal. The MOCCI (Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer) remains the absolute most straightforward way to deploy a masternode. Soon, human-readable addresses, text-to-send, our one-of-a-kind mobile Smart Wallet, and many more ease-of-use features will enhance the crypto user experience like never before.

We have only just begun. This entire industry is smaller than even one of the largest U.S. tech stocks. If you think you’re late to the crypto party, you couldn’t be further from the truth. We are at the inception point of a great technological revolution that will inevitably change the way business is done forever. When mass adoption becomes a reality (realistically 5-10 years from now), users will search for solutions that are easy, fun, safe, and secure. Divi will be at the forefront of that because we are laying the groundwork for the future, today.

Finally, I want to genuinely thank each and every one of you who have stayed with us since the beginning and to the newcomers who are just entering our ecosystem, welcome.