Redeem/Swap Your DIVX for DIVI

Here's a basic list of steps for how to get your DIVX into DIVI. Remember also that you will receive 100 DIVI for every 1 DIVX.

Step 1: KYC (Know Your Customer)

First you'll need to go through the KYC process to get a unique link. Only people who are not U.S. residents can pass KYC. This is required by the SEC. You go through this process here:

You'll need to prove who you are and where you live. In many countries you'll need to go through a manual review process, so contact us for that.

Details of how to do this are here: How To Complete KYC
Get help from live support in this group: Divi Support Telegram or you can email to [email protected]

Step 2: Get your DIVX into Metamask

Metamask is required to do the DIVX to DIVI swap. It's a web browser extension that will quickly install into Chrome, Firefox, etc. Do that here:

Chrome Install
Firefox Install

Metamask has an "Import Account" option that's accessed by clicking the round circle in the upper right corner. If you have your private key for the address with your DIVX, such as if you have it now in MEW, then this is an easy way to get to your DIVX.

If not, you can move your DIVX to a new address in Metamask to perform the token swap.

Step 3: Download the Divi Desktop Wallet

Instructions for this are here: Divi App Downloads

Start up your wallet and let it sync with the network. If it doesn't seem to work, it's probably because you have a firewall blocking it, and you need to use your firewall settings to make "exceptions" to let Divi's apps through. Another common problem is that if you set up a Divi test wallet, you'll need to completely remove the old installation.

Help FAQ for Divi Desktop wallet setup is here: Divi Project Wiki

Step 4: Backup Your Wallet RIGHT NOW!!!

One it's set up you need to back it up with a 24-word seed phrase. You should print this on a piece of paper and hide it or put it in a safe. Don't save it on your computer because anyone with these 24-words can re-create your wallet and take all your DIVI. Don't type them into your computer. If someone has a keylogger on your system then they can get your words. To do this:

A. Click Settings (Gear Icon on the left)
B. Click the BACKUP button
C. Write down the words or do a screen dump and print it.

Don't SKIP this step. Divi is not a bank and there's no central control to give you your money back if it's lost or stolen.

Step 5: Redeem DIVX for DIVI. 1:100 Ratio!

When you pass the KYC process you will get a link that will look something like this:

Video Instructions: Watch this video first to be really clear on how to do it:

Redeem Video

Warning: Make sure you have only one version of Metamask open when you do this, and that you refresh the Redeem page. The Redeem page must show the account number matching to what's in Metamask. If you have more than one account in Metamask make sure the two match or you could lose your DIVX.

Step 6: Masternode or Staking?

If you have 100,000 or more DIVI you can set up a masternode. The manual process is difficult, but we have a one-click setup called MOCCI to make it easy.

If you're going to stake then you just need to make sure your wallet is UNLOCKED and running all the time. You can learn all about this here: [Divi Staking)[]

Step 7: Hold or Exchange?

If you put your DIVI onto an exchange, you'll be losing money because you won't be staking.

Selling your DIVI also tends to push the price down. We're not in a speculation phase. We're building our network, and you're in early. A pioneer in something great. So hold onto your DIVI, support the network with a masternode or staking wallet, and you'll earn more.

Thanks for participating!

The Divi Team