DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 19: Reaching Peak Usage through Gaming and Masternodes

Show Notes From The DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 19 with The CryptoStache

Will crypto ever reach mainstream mass adoption? How will crypto enthusiasts draw more people in?

In the 19th episode of the DIVI Crypto Podcast, these questions will be discussed and answered. Steve invites the CryptoStache to talk about the roadblocks in reaching the peak of cryptocurrency usage. Shea Newkirk, also known as The 'Stache, has been in the Bitcoin industry since 2014. He is a blogger, a designer, a coder, a musician, a gamer, and an entrepreneur.

Topic #1: Mass Adoption? More Like Peak Usage.

Steve and the 'Stache started their conversation by discussing how many roadblocks are there towards the mass adoption of crypto. In fact, mass adoption is being seen as a buzzword, and both are seeing that there might be a need for rebranding and quitting the use of this term.

Topic #2: Apathy from People Outside the Crypto World

Then, Steve asked the 'Stache what he thinks is the number one issue in the crypto space? According to him, he sees apathy as the leading problem. Basically, people do not care enough to care about the crypto world. There is not enough marketing that draws people in to try entering the system. They also consider uncertainty being a reason why people are hesitant to try crypto.

Topic #3: The Lack of Financial Education

A problem for most people is the lack of financial education and education in general. The school system needs lots of improvement. Children need to be educated in making decisions toward the future, business tools, financial security, and important insight that will help them in the real world.

Topic #4: The Role of Gaming

Both Steve and the ‘Stache recalled how much gaming had help them learn about things financially. Looking back on playing Warcraft and Starcraft, they learned about the concept of budgeting, balancing, and saving through the marketplace in the game. There is no denying that gaming trains people to think better, and these concepts are applied even in blockchain gaming.

Topic #5: Gaming and Masternodes

Blockchain gaming can make crypto user-friendly enough to influence people to take part in the community. Following the masternode concept, playing blockchain games that incorporate the system and designing gameplay that people will actually enjoy playing. They will be able to earn through playing by reselling items, trading, and looking at an incentive economy. Know more about the 'Stache's thoughts at cryptostache.com.