Permatek - Divi's Digital Nomad Ecosystem Annoucement


Over the past ten years, we’ve witnessed the difficulty of getting cryptocurrency adopted by mainstream users. We think that part of the reason for this is that crypto is always just another payment option, rather than the only option. Because of the difficulty of using crypto, most keep using fiat because it’s familiar and easy. We think that what’s needed are some great ways to spend crypto in which fiat isn’t an option at all.


We need some people to open great restaurants or clubs where only crypto is accepted, and be willing to lose money for a while. We need artists to make paintings that can only be purchased with crypto, and musicians to create songs that can only be listened to with crypto as the source of funds, and we need great, user-friendly apps that make it easy to find them.

A Circular Crypto Economy

More than stuff to buy, the crypto community needs to get started on creating a way for crypto fans to live our dream of a fiat-free world, and that’s where Divi comes in. We’re doing it here in Costa Rica.


We are building a complete miniature crypto economy that allows people to live, work, eat, learn, play, and transport without ever using fiat currencies.

This will be built in a beautiful beach town in Costa Rica, as part of the [Rancho Delicioso Ecovillage]

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Interview with Geoff about Permatek and Divi


Inspiring a Movement

The goal is to start small with a completely self-contained economy, then add partners within the local area and around the world. We encourage like-minded crypto entrepreneurs to join us in nearby properties, or anywhere else, adding new ways to spend, earn, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle in a tropical paradise without cash.

Do you have a creative talent? Then make something cool that people want, and refuse to sell it for fiat. That’s the best, and perhaps the ONLY way that we will get crypto adopted by the mainstream.

We are offering participants the ability to own full or partial containers, in which they can live, work, rent, or allow us to rent for them when they’re not using their space. Details below.


Permatek Anchors

Divi - User-friendly cryptocurrency project.

Rancho Delicioso - Costa Rica ecovillage, yoga, and permaculture center.

Numundo - A decentralized network of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture farms, social projects, and retreat centers.

Wonderland Restaurant: Healthy, delicious farm-fresh cuisine.


Cryptocurrencies Currently to be Accepted

Divi, Bitcoin, NuCoin

We are considering other cryptocurrencies as well. Contact us if your community would like to participate. If you’re part of a cryptocurrency that has the ability to vote for expenditures through a governance proposal (like DASH or PIVX) then you’re an ideal candidate. We would accept your crypto as payment for the unit and then afterwards within the ecosystem.

[Inquire] (


Permatek is building a digital nomad space out of recycled 40-foot and 20-foot containers with the Rancho Delicioso Ecovillage. Located in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica, Rancho Delicioso consists of over 100 acres of organic farms, jungle, and residential spaces. A partial map is shown below.

The nearby towns of Montezuma and Santa Teresa are tourism hot spots, known for their dozens of high-quality restaurants, small boutique hotels, art culture, and beautiful beaches. Surfing, yoga, horseback riding, hiking, and just relaxing are the most popular activities.


Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to launch a project like this. It's one of the only countries in the world with no army. There's very minimal government intervention in our lives. It's frequently rated the world's best tourism destination, and also the world's happiest country. It also has the world's greenest electrical grid and is predicted to be the world's first to be carbon neutral.

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This area of Costa Rica is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches for swimming, surfing, or sunbathing, with year-round warm water. Some photos of nearby beaches:





Health & Fitness

As one of the world’s “Blue Zones”, the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is known as a center for an eco-friendly lifestyle. There are many options for yoga, and we have a yoga shala on the farm nearby to Permatek with several teachers living onsite.

We also have a hard-core exercise class on weekdays called “Kensanity”. Monday through Friday from 9-10am.


Rancho Delicioso is also in the process of building extensive mountain-bike and running trails around the property.


Wonderland Restaurant is next door to the Permatek site. Using produce and eggs from the farm, when available, plus local ingredients, Chef Lettie cooks amazing food that can be delivered to Permatek or served at the [restaurant].(



There are also nearby restaurants such as Tierra y Fuego, one of the best authentic Italian pizzerias in Costa Rica.

Permatek will also have a community kitchen, and we can sell guests local produce from the farm for those who want to cook for themselves.

Work and Earn

Guests at Permatek are provided with high-speed internet and a variety of options for working spaces, both private and in open space locations.

We are working to put together partnerships with jobs that pay our participants in the cryptocurrencies that are accepted within our economy, such as

Purchase a Unit

We are considering selling units to crypto fans around the world. You’ll be able to stay there whenever you want, sell it to others, or rent it out. We’ll manage the unit for you, helping to keep it in good shape, find renters, and take care of them.

Prices aren’t yet decided, but will be affordable, and will depend on the interest we generate and who contacts us.

Ideally purchasers would be entities such as foundations of other cryptocurrencies, crypto entrepreneurs, and digital nomads.

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Rental Pricing

Prices are in USD but we will accept only cryptocurrencies for rentals. These prices are just suggestions and yet to be finalized.

6 Available

9 Available

Offices include: 2 desks, safe, sofa, 4 chairs

Apartment includes: 1 queen bed, 1 desk, 2 chairs


Geoff McCabe is the CEO of The Divi Project and Rancho Delicioso. He considers himself to be an amateur “Amateur visionary architect” with several large construction projects already designed and built by him in Costa Rica, as shown by the following photos of his past projects.

You should expect a similar style and attention to detail for Permatek, with the intention of making it one of the world's most desirable digital nomad spaces.

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