Omni Analytics Ranks Divi Project Top 3 Among Masternode Coins

On June 2nd, our community successfully coerced the fine folks at Omni Analytics into reporting on some of the key Divi Project metrics.

This tweet led to a delightful conversation with their founder, Lawrence, who explained to me what Omni Analytics is doing for the masternode niche, and cryptocurrency market overall from a data science perspective.

If you know me or follow my posts on Twitter, you'll see that I feel very negatively about a majority of the aggregate reporting that goes on in the cryptocurrency space.

So, when I discovered more about how Omni Analytics compiles and analyzes their data, I was pleased. Omni cares about the reports they create and do hands-on research to find the empirical data that traders and investors need when they are looking at a new project. For that reason, I knew I had to hire Lawrence and his team to analyze all of Divi's masternode tiers.

Below you'll find five reports (one for each tier) with ~28 pages of beautiful data.

Some of the essential points to note are:

  1. Divi ranks #3 under Omni's Trust OAG rating, behind only Dash and PIVX.
  2. Divi ranks #5 under most other weighting schemes.
  3. Divi is in the top 10 as far as wealth distribution is concerned.

There is so much more to discover in the reports, so I'll leave you here to dive into them yourself.

A big thank you to Omni Analytics for their service, I would recommend them to anyone in the space who is looking to analyze their project and improve upon the weak points.