October 5, 2018, Development Update

Thanks to everyone who was there for the DIVI launch! Now that we’ve launched the protocol and delivered on the MVP client, we have already begun to narrow down some of the components causing bugs, and the next incremental update is undergoing beta testing as we speak. What can you expect in the version 1.0.1 update?

CORE updates

  • Brand new test network on port 51474


  • Updates to balance structure
  • Transactional response updates
  • New categories for transactions (staking, masternode rewards)

GUI updates

Bug fixes

  • Check for redundant naming
  • Balance display issues




  • Masternode display issues


  • Potential memory leak
    • This will resolve issues with CPU usage
  • Update masternode rewards chances during MOCCI setup (visual)
  • Wallet recovery creating wallet.dat.rewrite file in addition to wallet.dat
  • Display masternode info in masternode listing

New features

  • Check Masternode status from GUI
  • Cancel masternode deployment


  • Button to start/restart masternode from GUI
  • Warn user of auto-update
  • Changelog on auto-update

These updates should resolve a number of user issues that have been experienced.

Moving forward

Users can expect a ton of awesome UX updates in the coming weeks. We are planning biweekly patches and Monthly updates, which will include new features.



Windows users will receive the update automatically. A restart may be required.

OSX & Linux

Upgrading to this version will not require a "clean install" if you are already running version 1.0.0. Simply close the application, install the new version, being sure to overwrite the old one, and restart the application.

New York Trip

The NYC trip was very fruitful. Nick and Michael were in motion 24/7 meeting with influencers, media, investors, partners, advisors, and associates. Marketing and media efforts were a major focus and many new opportunities and connections were opened up to Divi.

Here are some links you might have missed

  • Nick spoke on a panel at MONDO NYC
  • Michael and Nick were on Bold TV