October 4, 2019, Weekly Update

October is off to a great start and the entire team has their heads down in the code. Before we dive in, let's take a look at what happened in September.

September recap

Development update


We are nearly ready to bring DIVISMS to production. It is currently undergoing testing in four countries and several African and South American countries are in the pipeline to be added next.


Ledger have reopened submissions for their hardware and software solutions. We are arranging to submit a pull request now.

Divi Desktop update imminent

Users can expect a new version of Divi Desktop next week that includes a variety of updates and improvements.

Advanced coin control is coming


We know how important it is to have control over unspent transactions (AKA UTXOs), which is why the next Divi Desktop update includes simplified and accessible coin control features.

For advanced users (those using Advanced Mode), a new transaction category called "Unspent" will appear on your history tab. From this category, users can add specific transactions that they would like to combine rather than simply combining all.

This is one of the most requested features so we are excited that our users will finally get a chance to use it.

Upcoming events


Women in Tech & Blockchain

Interview with Geoff McCabe