October 26, 2018 Development Update

Another productive week has come to a close for the Divi Project development team. Let’s take a look at the progress.

Divi Desktop Version 1.1.0

Our first minor release adds a few new features as well as fixes a number of critical and non-critical issues with the GUI.

You can download the application here

New features

  • Recover masternodes
  • Change password from settings
  • Show Masternode address on Dismantle
  • Cancel masternode dismantling
  • Add “Staking Status” icon to the top right corner

Bug fixes

  • Exit modal gets stuck on Windows
  • Show ‘sent’ when outgoing transaction is fully confirmed
  • Only show ‘Syncing Stuck’ modal while syncing
  • Masternode rewards should show as ‘spendable’ after 21 confirmations
  • Green ‘allocated’ should only show after 15+ confirmations
  • Show masternode address on dismantle
  • Loading spinners on various modals
  • Close recovery modal after successful recovery
  • Implement Digital Ocean error handling
  • Full sync upon restart
    -- This was an issue where the wallet would go through a full sync due to an improper daemon shut down. We have added a check to make sure daemon is shut down completely before a full shutdown of the GUI and added the -reindex argument to rescan in the settings just in case.
  • Total balance still fluctuates with Staking
  • Verify Wallet doesn’t do anything
  • MOCCI deployment is inconsistent
  • Warn user upon shutdown
  • White screen of death
  • Change USD pricing to official CMC pricing
  • UX - Receive Errors/Confusion
    – The new daemon implements “in-wallet” category for transactions, allowing for movements within the wallet to be more clearly displayed as what they are since they are not incoming or outgoing transactions.
  • Only show backup modal on startup for non-backed up wallets
  • Check for sync issues after wallet loads
  • Require backup with seed before encryption
  • Masternode allocation tx shows in received tab, not sent
  • masternode.conf turning into one long line on MOCCI freeze
  • Masternodes show as ‘NOT STARTED’ until refreshed
  • dumphdinfo returns “this is not an hd wallet”
  • Unlock for staking or unlock always locks back up on its own
  • All screens showing loading spinners after MOCCI deployment
  • Masternode retry offers option to close before it’s finished
  • No prompt for auto-update unless restarted
  • Masternodes displaying wrong info on 1.0.7
  • Wait longer before “Sync Stuck” screen appears
  • Remove lock in bottom left corner
  • If staking reward: spendable = 21 confirmations
  • Can’t copy/paste on Mac from Console
  • Masternode retry offers option to close before it’s finished
  • No prompt for auto-update unless restarted
  • Wait longer before “Sync Stuck” screen appears

Upcoming events

We are proud to announce that we have been accepted amongst 12 other projects by World Crypto Con to present in their Token Tank Live (Oct 31 - Nov 2) in front of the likes of Brock Pierce, Charlie Shrem, Rob Behnke, Ronnie Moas, Daniel Skowronski and a crowd of crypto fanatics. First place earns a listing on DX Exchange, a feature spotlight on Bad Crypto Podcast and many other incredible prizes. If you will be attending WCC, reach out to us so we can meet up!

Marketing update

  • Nick attended Crypto Invest Summit this week and had a number of productive meetings with both media and potential partners. He even met the legendary Tim Draper, who was intrigued by Divi and offered to assist in making some introductions for us.


  • Website traffic is up ~20% and, as of the time of writing, more than 375 masternodes have been deployed in just one month since launch!

As always, if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or on the Forum.

Have a great weekend!