October 19, 2018 Development Update

Development progress this week saw updates to Diviscan and new beta builds delivered to the Beta Basher team.

Diviscan updates

  • Accurate price data
  • Block index search
  • Press ‘Enter’ to search
  • Filter Masternode list for various types of data
  • List of Masternode tiers by number
  • Download Masternode and Address data as a CSV
  • Fixed Buy Divi link
  • Fixed issue with "Last Paid"
  • Added masternodes to nav
  • Fixed whitepaper link
  • New favicon

Upcoming features

  • Masternode/staking calculator
  • Richlist
  • Transaction decoder
  • Lottery block countdown

Bugs resolved and moved to testing

  • Multiple MOCCI bugfixes and error handling protocols implemented
  • Fixed issue with full sync on wallet restart
    • This was an issue where the wallet would go through a full sync due to an improper daemon shut down. We have added a check to make sure daemon is shut down completely before a full shutdown of the GUI and added the -reindex argument to rescan in the settings just in case.
  • Fixed bug where total balance still fluctuates with Staking
  • Made Verify Wallet more clear in what it is doing
  • MOCCI deployment inconsistently succeeding/failing
    • This is really a Digital Ocean API issue at the core, but a workaround fix has been provided, and further usage in beta should lead to a more substantial bug fix
  • Warn user upon shutdown
  • Fix for white screen of death
  • Change USD pricing to official CMC pricing
  • Added an “in-wallet” category for in-wallet movements (ie. allocating funds to a Masternode)
  • The new daemon implements “in-wallet” category for transactions, allowing for movements within the wallet to be more clearly displayed as what they are since they are not incoming or outgoing transactions.
  • Only show backup modal on startup for non-backed up wallets
  • Check for sync issues after wallet loads
  • Require backup with seed before encryption
  • Fix for bug where all screens were showing loading spinners after MOCCI deployment
  • Fix for issue where Masternode allocation tx shows in the received tab, not sent
  • Fix for bug where masternode.conf was turning into one long line on MOCCI freeze
  • Fix for issue where Masternodes show as ‘NOT STARTED’ until refreshed

Documentation released this week

For those of you curious how Staking works in the Divi ecosystem, we have released in-depth documentation for more information.

New version

Users can expect the new version of Divi Desktop to be released late next week.

Marketing update

As always, if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or on the Forum.

Have a great weekend!