November 9, 2018, Development Update

Once again, we come to the close of another progressive week at the Divi offices.

Divi Desktop Version 1.1.7

This minor release fixes a number of critical and non-critical bugs as well as adds a few additional features that should improve the user experience across the board.


  • Massive CPU usage improvements
  • Stakes “not showing up” in GUI
  • Handle unexpected shutdown
  • Only show ‘Syncing Stuck’ modal while syncing
  • Unexpected loading spinners on various modals
  • Recover masternodes now works for all masternodes
  • Fix a number of capitalization, spelling & visual input issues
  • Refined recovery flow
  • Recovering wallet no longer requires wallet to be fully synced
  • MOCCI deployment is prohibited unless fully synced
  • Fixed issue where MOCCI nodes destroyed rapidly after deployment
  • Restart daemon after sync to resolve a number of common support issues


  • Mac OSX Auto Updates
  • Improved settings area
  • Restart daemon button in settings
  • Start wallet with -spendzeroconfchange to allow for more than one transaction per minute per wallet
  • USD Value sending

Code signing

OSX & Windows versions of the core daemon and desktop wallet are now code signed, which should limit issues with Antivirus and Firewall software. If you're still experiencing these issues, log a request with us and we will directly contact the provider for the apps to be whitelisted.


You can download Divi Desktop for your operating system now by visiting this link

Roadmap update

In case you missed it, we published our latest roadmap this week, which outlines the unique and user-friendly features/improvements we plan on bringing to the ecosystem in the near future.

New advisor

We also have an exciting new advisor to announce. Top blockchain architect Daniel Kraft has officially joined Divi as a technical advisor. Daniel was the lead developer for Namecoin, which was the first fork of Bitcoin, and he's now CTO of Xaya, a blockchain-based gaming platform. He is one of the world’s leading authorities on the “Names and Metadata” blockchain technology Divi needs to accomplish its stated goals. For those of you who were with us in the beginning, you may remember that we had a mystery team member. That was Daniel, who wasn't able to list his name because he was a developer at Google at the time. His role will be to help steer The Divi Project in the right direction as we move forward making Crypto easier.

Media and Marketing

Marketing announcements

  • Divi will be working with DNA moving forward for marketing. The firm will work alongside Krupp Kommunications to bolster Divi’s media and outreach objectives.

  • Nick will be traveling to Washington D.C. to speak at Washington Elite AI/Blockchain Summit. His bio can be found here

As always, if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or on the Forum.

Have a great weekend!