November 30, 2018, Development Update

Although the primary focus for the development team is currently the mobile application, we are still committed to delivering updates to the desktop application on a regular basis.

Divi Desktop Version 1.1.10

This minor release fixes a few bugs and adds some important features.


  • Coin Control
    • You can now combine all of the small UTXOs (primarily from staking/masternode rewards) into one larger UTXO to allow for larger transactions. This eliminates the “Transaction too large” bug and allows for more control over the wallet.
    • UTXOs will now be combined automatically during Masternode (MOCCI) deployment so that users experience fewer errors when setting up a new node.
  • Show Masternode account name in transaction history
  • Clear cache button added to settings
    • This button will allow users to easily clear the blocks, chainstate, zerocoin, and sporks folders from their DIVI data directory without having to manually access the files.
  • Tooltips, tooltips everywhere
    • Hover over just about anything in the wallet to see what it does, why its there, and how its helpful.


  • Additional MOCCI Deployment error handling

    • We have implemented the following timeouts and attempt numbers:
      • 5 attempts to deploy the droplet
      • 2 minutes for droplet creation (1 minute might not be enough in some cases)
      • 3 minutes for snapshot lookup
    • This will solve many issues with the MOCCI getting “hung up” while deploying a new node.
  • Settings are now accessible even if divid is hung up

    • Now, no matter if you are fully synched or divid is hanging up, users can access the settings panel to refresh, restart, and clear the cache of their configuration.


You can download Divi Desktop Version 1.1.10 for your operating system from here

Partnership announcement

In collaboration with The Midas Foundation, $DIVI will be listed on the upcoming Vinex Exchange and Midas Wallet, available on iOS and Android. Users of the Vinex exchange may also qualify for a special airdrop. Read all the details here.

Media and marketing

Nick is attending the Washington Elite Blockchain & AI Conference this weekend, where he will be giving a talk and participating on a panel. If you’re in the D.C. area and want to meet up, reach out to him on Telegram!

The end of $DIVX

We are preparing to end all support for DIVX by the first of the year. This means that DIVX will be delisted from all exchanges and KYC will no longer be available through the automated process. Users who fail to redeem their coins before December 31st, 2018 at 23:59 PST will be able to go through a paid, manual review through January, after which all redemption opportunities will expire. A token burn event will also take place on December 31st where all redeemed DIVX will be lost forever. More information will be distributed via the blog, social media, and email in our Friday update and throughout the coming weeks. Please let anyone about this who you know who may not be paying attention.

As always, if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or on the Forum.

Have a great weekend!