November 22, 2019, Weekly Update

Token Tank Pitch

We took second place at this year's Token Tank pitch competition during World Crypto Con. Watch the entire pitch, including judges questions below.

Divi Crypto Concierge Program

We are demonstrating our continuing commitment to providing the best service in the industry by launching the Divi Crypto Concierge Program. More than simple tech support, this service allows users to speak directly with a support representative who will walk them through any questions they may have. This service even includes onboarding in to crypto for the very first time!

We look forward to expanding this service in the future. To learn more, check out Wednesday's blog

Mobile 2.0 in the wild

Last week we showed off some of the UI/UX pieces that would be present in the desktop and mobile versions of Divi 2.0. Today, we have a live sighting of a transaction being sent from the mobile wallet!

We know everyone shares our excitement for the new wallets and we appreciate your patience while we work tirelessly to get it right.


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