November 15, 2019, Weekly Update

Fall is in full swing, and it seems like time is passing by at the speed of light! So many exciting things are happening here at Divi that we're ready to share, so let's jump right in.

Ridivi update

Work on Ridivi location number three is underway and on-schedule. Here are some early shots before the remodel begins.




First wire transfers sent with Ridivi

I'm not sure if this will excite everyone as it excites me, but I thought I would share anyway. For the first time, we sent all of our vendor payments via Ridivi's wire transfer system. The process was smooth, and none of the recipient banks rejected the transaction. This event is a significant step towards offering business and personal bank accounts, and I couldn't be more proud of our team for this achievement. This milestone gives us a lot of confidence that the solution is nearing readiness, and we will keep you updated as we get closer to bringing the Ridivi solution to the rest of the world!

Development update

Did someone say screencap? Oh, that might have been me. Well, at any rate, check out some of the progress on Divi Desktop and Divi Mobile 2.0! As you can see, the UI leaves very little wanting.

Quick preview of Desktop 2.0

Some additional screenshots of Desktop 2.0



Divi Desktop 2.0 in a small window


Some previews of Divi Mobile 2.0

Atomic Swap testing

Atomic swap testing is well underway with all regression tests now passing and a functional BTC <> BTC trade on the Bitcoin testnet. We are in the process of running a BTC <> DIVI trade between the post-fork, PoS v3-enabled DIVI testnet, and the Bitcoin testnet.

We are developing a new explorer around the PoS v3 testnet, and we will publish results from the testing next week. Additionally, we are creating a testnet faucet for developers and users to begin live beta testing the post-fork network. Stay tuned for more details.

This milestone also indicates that the post-fork network, which has been successfully running for nearly six months, is stable and working as intended.

Divi Nigeria Meetup


Divi continues its push in developing nations with our second successful Divi Nigeria meetup.


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