May 8, 2020, Weekly Update


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Monthly Update

Miami University Virtual Blockchain Conference

Bad Crypto Virtual Blockchain Conference Divi 2.0 Demo

Milestones and Achievements

Best Price vs. Performance Staking Coin


When it comes to price gain vs. reward performance, Divi is the best-in-class staking coin when compared to others in the top 160 by market cap.

Best masternode in Mister Node's April performance update


Once again, Divi outperformed all of Mister Node's coins in April. Read the full article here.

DragonChain Interchain Connection nearing completion

# Upcoming Events

PolisPay Interview


Satoshi Sean and KIFS Crypto

PolisPay Webinar

Melchionda Network

Divi Crypto Podcast with David Johnston of PegNet

Divi Crypto Podcast with Geoff McCabe on Permaculture

Mad Crypto Divi Update