May 31st, 2019, Weekly Update

The month of May is already coming to a close, and Divi continues to chug along like the little engine that could. Let’s take a look at what happened this week.

Development update

Divi Smart Node Version 0.0.1-alpha

Our Raspberry Pi implementation has been a heavily sought after feature by our community, so we decided to release an early beta version of it for everyone to try! This quick-start image can be flashed to a microSD card, loaded into a Raspberry Pi, and kick off a full Divi node within minutes.

Currently, the implementation only provides support for the use of Divi core via the command line interface, but we are working to provide a GUI version soon. If you’d like to contribute to development, reach out to us on our development community telegram.

You can view the documentation for how to get your Smart Node running on GitHub now.

Mobile wallet update


You may ask yourself why we are taking so much time to release the mobile wallet. We committed early on to deliver a user experience that is superior to the other products in the industry in that it removes the confusion from using cryptocurrency and blockchain apps and brings the familiarity of Venmo, PayPal, and Cash app to the industry that we love.

Entrenched in the philosophy

A few interactions and instances have led me to the point where I have become personally devoted to the story this mobile application will tell. Let me elaborate.

A few months ago, I read through Tim Draper’s book, Becoming the Startup Hero, in which he talks about some of the startups he funded, including Tesla, Skype, and PayPal. One philosophy encouraged him to make the inevitably successful jump into each of those projects; “Build an experience the user is delighted by.”

I became obsessed with this concept. Not just a “good” user experience or a “solid” UI but a delightful experience. Something users want to use, time, and again.

Then, I demoed the app for Preston from our security team while we were in New York and he said something that resonated with me: “You know this wallet has to blow everything else out of the water right? You can’t release it otherwise.”

Finally, while working with our latest hire, Mathias Aspegren, on the updated user on-boarding flow and UX for the mobile wallet, he said almost the same thing as Preston. “This needs to be different, better than the rest.”

I agree wholeheartedly with this. The experience should reflect the passion of the team.

So, while the functionality of the application is coming along great, the team and I felt that new life should breathe into the UI/UX.

Here are some preliminary screens that give you an idea of where we are. Let us know what you think!


Easy on-ramp

In more exciting news, the easy on-ramp (AKA the “Buy Divi” button) is complete and ready to go into production staging over the weekend. The API documentation will be available early in the week, and we expect full integration into the website by mid-June.

New exchange listing

Over the past month, we have been negotiating and working with a high volume exchange to secure a listing, and we’re pleased to announce that the details are final and Divi will be available for trading on Bitrue as of mid-June!

You can read more about why this partnership is so unique and exciting in our latest blog update.

Bitrue on CoinMarketCap.


I was interviewed on Crypto Adventure this week. Read the Q&A to learn a bit about Divi’s vision for the future and a little about me as well!

Divi appeared on on Sunday and Wednesday this week.

As always, have a great weekend, and if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum