May 29, 2020, Weekly Update

Development update

We're quickly iterating, and closing issues and have an update going out to Beta Bashers today. Here are some of the more pertinent items that are going into testing this week.

  • ✅ Card payments
  • ✅ Biometric login
  • ✅ Divi wallet functionality
  • ✅ Enhanced performance and onboarding

Internally, we are testing several features as well, such as:

  • ✅ MOCCI 2.0
  • ✅ Desktop-to-DiviPay QR-code recovery

On the Fintech side, the Central Bank has fully integrated our IBANs. We are now able to issue EUR, USD, and CRC accounts for worldwide usage.

Now hiring

As always, we are working tirelessly to improve the blockchain. To accelerate these improvements, we are hiring up to two new blockchain developers.

Job information

Ready to work for a highly innovative company dedicated to bringing crypto & blockchain to the masses, not someday but today? Join our diverse, international team and help make a difference for whom it counts most: the end-user.


  • 5+ years experience with C++ development
  • Familiar with Test-Driven Development and version control

Nice to have:

  • Familiar with Blockchain
  • Familiar with sockets
  • Experience with gitian
  • Experience with GNU make and Makefiles
  • Experience with Continuous Integration

Charting a course

Divi is on the rise in more ways than one over the past week as more and more users discover our products and want to involve themselves.

Reaching new heights

Divi is reaching all-time-highs across several key performance indicators nearly every day.

Price, volume and market cap


I wasn't able to snag a screenshot of the ATH price, which I believe to be roughly $0.02 / 212 SATs, but this shot from this morning is still inspiring.

DiviPay sign-ups


New interest in DiviPay is growing as signups on the DiviPay Landing Page are increasing roughly 5% per week.

Masternode growth


This month sees our ~10% month-on-month masternode growth trend continue. We started the month with less than 1000 masternodes, and today the ecosystem is comprised of over 1113!


The current weight of masternodes in the network accounts for more than $16.2M in value. Masternodes secure over 51% of the ecosystem.

Additionally, we saw a 15% increase in new MOCCI subscribers this month, which means almost all of the new nodes that came online are new users!


Top 5 masternode hosting service


Masternode Buzz's community awards continue to result in Divi's appearance. This week, Divi claims the spot as the top 4th masternode hosting provider in 2020. What is so incredible about this is the fact that Divi only hosts one type of node!

New exchange imminent

We are crossing T's and dotting I's today in preparation for our latest exchange listing. This Asian exchange will offer global participants exposure to the DIVI coin. While we won't be letting the name go yet, I can assure you this is our biggest listing yet (again, not Binance).

Upcoming events


Divi Crypto Podcast with Hashgraph CEO Mance Harmon

Satoshi Sean & KIFS Crypto


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