May 22, 2020, Weekly Update

Launch marketing ramp-up

As we prepare for the launch of DiviPay, we are bringing aboard marketers who can help us leverage the opportunity to the maximum potential possible.

While the North American and EU marketing strategies are still in process, we are moving forward on some significant efforts regarding the Asian markets.

This week marks the enlistment of Karthik Iyer. A bitcoin OG if there ever was one, Karthik has been mining since 2009. His early foray into crypto has given him a great perspective and an even more impressive network.

Karthik heads up the cryptocurrency marketing advisory firm, Blockchain Velocity.

Karthik's strategy will coincide with a new exchange listing on a top-tier Asian exchange (not Binance).

Approaching 7,000 sign-ups


Even with practically no concerted marketing effort, we have nearly 7,000 (6908 at the time of writing) interested users signed up for the DiviPay launch.

Have you signed up yet?

Masternode growth


It seems like yesterday we were celebrating the 1000th Divi masternode, and today we're nearly at 1100!


Over $13M in value exists within the masternodes alone. The network will pay out nearly $5M in rewards over the next year to participants. These staggering numbers have grown quite considerably over the past year and a half.

Siege Worlds

Siege Worlds is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game currently in the early stages of development by a boutique video game firm based in the U.K., alongside Divi team members and fans. Players will pay an entry fee for each hour-long game, and earn DIVI and other cryptocurrencies by defeating organized waves of enemies. Prizes for defeating complicated enemy wave sets will build up with each loss, attracting better players as the rewards for victory grow. The game mechanics encourage team coherence, practice, communication, and planning.


DIVI powers the Siege World economy and will use NFTs for multiple aspects of the game. Such as building up portable characters that can be bought and sold, and used within numerous games across game companies that adhere to the standard SW is developing. Join the Telegram group to follow the progress. If you're interested in earning Divi by promoting the game, join the 'Siege Crew.' Siege World is also looking for volunteers to help with graphic design, writing, coding, 3D world creation, and other roles. They are offering DIVI as compensation to highly qualified individuals.

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Upcoming events

Messari Mainnet Virtual Conference


Messari is hosting a virtual conference from June 1-3, 2020 and Divi is a participating partner. Stay tuned for more details about the event an an official Divi listing on Messari's website!


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