May 17, 2019, Weekly Update

Consensus 2019

Geoff and I just returned home from Consensus 2019 last night, and while we’re still recovering from the seemingly nonstop action, we are also very excited by the prospective opportunities that came from our meetings.

First, we shared an AirBnB with Preston Thornburg, our Cybersecurity specialist from LedgerOps, which allowed our relationship with him and their organization to flourish. We discussed dozens upon dozens of concepts regarding the security of Divi’s blockchain and application infrastructure, new features, and general thoughts on the industry at large. I look forward to continuing to work on securing and improving Divi’s ecosystem with Preston and LedgerOps.

Notable partnership opportunities

An essential part of any conference is the new relationships that you build there, and Consensus 2019 was no different in this regard. While we met with several companies and individuals, I want to highlight three such contacts that stood out.

Etch eliminates the friction between employer and employee by adjudicating up-to-the-minute payments. This function is especially important when it comes to contractor jobs, like construction, where payroll is often late or delayed, causing workers to take out Payday loans, which send individuals into a cycle of debt.

Etch also has a debit card available for their users, so that their paychecks are not only instantly adjudicated but also instantly spendable anywhere in the world.

Etch will be added to Divi’s wallet, and our portable authentication system made available by our implementation of Namecoin will be used to verify and secure their user’s data. Additionally, this partnership opens the opportunity to pursue a Divi debit card in the future.

You can read more about our partnership with Etch on their blog.

GoJoy is an e-commerce platform that offers wholesale discounts on everyday household goods while paying customers back a percentage of the purchase price in the form of a security token, issued on a custom fork of Ethereum. The tokens also represent a minor stake in the companies from which the customers are buying. Additionally, for every two dollars spent on the platform, one dollar is set aside, and the platform generates a single stable coin.

GoJoy is a novel solution and a significant innovation over the current e-commerce platforms that exist now. They already have 20,000 users, and we’re excited to see where a partnership with their organization may go.

We discussed adding their marketplace to our wallet, among other things, but for now, the door is open. How do you see Divi’s ecosystem influencing an e-commerce platform like GoJoy? Let us know on our Telegram channel.

wEn ExChAnGe?

We realize that our community is not thrilled with the current purchase options for Divi, so I’d like to provide some assurance that we are not ignoring that fact.

Crex24 has always been a band-aid over the wound that Cryptopia left. In other words, a temporary solution. We have been aggressively pursuing all options for new exchanges but keep in mind; we have a rigorous due diligence process when it comes to these listings.

We have to consider real vs. fake volume, community size, community engagement, locale, daily active users, team structure, corporate structure, listing fees, and much more.

With all that said, I can ensure you that we have multiple higher-tier exchanges in the pipeline and we will be making announcements regarding those listings over the next month or so. Also, our "easy on-ramp" is ready to undergo testing in the coming weeks. We appreciate everyone’s patience on the matter.

Development update

Mobile version 0.0.16-beta has been delivered to the Beta Bashers and is undergoing testing now. Several UX improvements, stability enhancements, and additional features exist in this build. We are also going to be moving into iOS testing next week as we are now at the point where continuous integration and QA DevOps makes sense. Yes, that means we’re getting very close to launch. No, I’ll never give any dates before the absolute definite moment where we can confirm that we are ready.

Core version 1.0.8, which includes all of the post-upgrade code, including SegWit, Atomic Swaps, HTLCs, and Lightning, has also been delivered to Beta Bashers and is undergoing testing now. We are currently working out some issues with encryption on this build.

Once we resolve the encryption issues, we will open this test network to the public.

The Lightning Network Daemon will be moving forward into beta testing in the coming week or so as well.

You can follow all our progress on our GitHub.
As always, have a great weekend, and if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum