May 15, 2020, Weekly Update

Development update

The team is working long hours and pushing harder than ever to prepare the ecosystem for the launch of DiviPay. Oh, yeah, Divi 2.0 is officially DiviPay. 😉

Desktop update imminent

A new desktop version (Divi Desktop 1.7.x) is coming to all platforms next week. Some of the exciting updates include:

  • Encrypted import and export allows users to back up and restore their entire wallets when moving between machines.
  • UI updates

MOCCI 2.0 imminent

Users can expect a more seamless masternode deployment soon. MOCCI 2.0 includes the node's ability to be remotely broadcast, which means users no longer need to wait for 15 minutes while their masternode gets set up. After the initial step, users can even close their wallets and walk away with the confidence that the node will is active and earning.

We are pushing for this to be in the upcoming Divi Desktop update. However, additional testing may delay integration until the next release. We'll keep you up to date as things progress.

Core update imminent

Next week, a new version of the Divi Core (1.1.0) is coming and will be made available through all the usual channels. This update is only recommended and not mandatory. It does not include any changes to consensus. However, there are several improvements to security and functionality that users running full nodes may want.

Users running Divi Desktop will receive the update automatically. No additional action is necessary.

Raspberry Pi binaries will be available for users running Divi Core on those devices.

Beta Bashing underway

Beta Bashers have their hands on an early version of DiviPay now via TestFlight. We are already logging issues, and improvements and a new version will be coming their way over the weekend.

DiviPay website development underway

The design is locked in, and the copywriting is underway. The DiviPay website is underway and getting ready for launch alongside the application. We're excited for you to see the refreshed landing page and expanded content. Keep an eye out for more updates.

DiviJS available to developers now

We forked BitcoinJS and are now offering DiviJS to developers who would like to work with Divi and integrate it into their services. What is nice about this library is that it still works with Bitcoin. So easily integrating either coin into your project is now a snap! More documentation and updates around this library will be releasing soon.

WhatsApp Bot and Staking live now

WhatsApp users from around the world can now use their mobile devices to send, receive, and stake $DIVI. Start a conversation with the bot on WhatsApp by texting "balance" to +50640001948.

How to stake

Deposit any amount to the bot, and you will begin staking. Thanks to our Staking Vault technology, there is no need for users to retain the minimum 10,000 $DIVI in their wallet.

Learn more on the DiviGo website.

Is this the WhatsApp Channel Partnership?

While this integration is made possible by the channel partnership, this is not the endeavor's extent. Fear not; there's much more to come!

Divikipedia (Divi Wikipedia) live now


A repository of all things Divi, Blockchain, and Crypto is now available for your viewing pleasure. Divikipedia is a community-driven source of information for crypto users of all knowledge levels. Learn about Divi, masternodes, staking, and more all in one place.

Smashing records

This week, Divi dashed three significant records, setting new all-time highs for market cap rank, masternode deployments, and DiviPay sign-ups.

All-time-high masternodes


Users continue to turn to masternodes and staking to secure their wealth and ensure they have an income through these difficult times. Over the past 30 days, we've seen significant growth in the number of masternode deployments. Additionally, 13% of these deployments are new users!

All-time-high market cap rank


Divi is climbing the charts this week, making a move to the top 130th position on CoinMarketCap.

All-time-high DiviPay sign ups


As the DiviPay launch grows ever closer, awareness and excitement are building. More than 6675 users have signed up, have you?.

USDT Pair imminent on Stex


Divi is pairing against USDT for the first time on Stex! The listing goes live on Thursday, May 19th, at 06:00 am PST.


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