May 10, 2019, Weekly Update

Lead blockchain advisor, Yuri Oleksyshyn, makes his departure

As some of you may know, Yuri has been our lead blockchain advisor for the past year and a half or so. In that time, he has enhanced our codebase and helped us deploy a proof of stake blockchain secured by tiered masternodes and further incentivized by a decentralized lottery system for Stakers.

More recently, Yuri has implemented Atomic Swaps, HTLCs, and SegWit on a new test network and has been working tirelessly to create Divi's own Lightning Network.

Throughout the duration of Yuri's time with Divi, he has also been working with another project, Stakenet (XSN). For those of you who don't know, Yuri is a co-founder of XSN and was working with them before joining our team.

Because of some potential conflicts of interest between what Stakenet and Divi are both trying to achieve, Yuri is contractually obligated to step away from the Divi Project and focus his efforts solely on Stakenet. While this may come as a disappointment to some, this situation opens the door for new opportunities to collaborate with XSN. Our teams are in contact, and the communication has been ultimately very professional and exciting.

Transition plan

Yuri will still be with us for the next month or so while he finishes integrating, testing, and documenting Divi's Lightning Network and subsequently onboarding the new developer that we hire.

We are currently seeking a new lead blockchain developer to join our team. If you or someone you know have the skillset required, apply within.
We will miss Yuri dearly and thank him for his service while working alongside us here at Divi. We know he has a bright future ahead of him and we look forward to watching him progress in his endeavors.

Other development updates

Mobile update

This week was a bit slow on the full stack development front due to two major Belarusian holidays, where two of our primary developers reside. That said, new builds for mobile are in the Beta Bashers' hands now that include some fixes and improvement for remote deployment (mMOCCI) and some UI/UX updates.

Kasper joins the team

While one developer is leaving the team, another one is joining. We want to welcome Kasper Neist to our full stack development team formally!


Kasper is an entrepreneurial and passionate Full Stack Developer. Started his own company in 2006, where he spends his time freelancing and consulting for various teams around the globe — driven by finding the best solutions for all parties involved. He loves making products that focus on user experience.

New GithHub Organization

We know how important GitHub is to the crypto community, so we're moving our repositories to a GitHub Organization page. This move will give more accurate information about how often our repositories are updated and on which branches.

New listings

Flits, a masternode and staking application that "makes investing a lot easier," has listed Divi on their platform. Their Android and iOS apps are available now. As always, use at your own risk and always do your due diligence before using a third-party application.


The Divi Team will be in attendance at Consensus in New York City! Please reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram if you'd like to meet up!