March 6, 2020, Weekly Update

Mandatory upgrades are live

Divi Desktop and Divi Core have been upgraded to versions 1.6.6 and, respectively.

Please note: this is a MANDATORY upgrade.

Divi Core Version 1.0.8 Changelog

This mandatory upgrade enhances the overall security and optimizes the Divi core daemon.

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fix issue where Windows versions compile to debug version by default, causing a much larger file size than the other platforms
  • Exclude unstable nodes

Divi Desktop Version 1.6.6 Changelog

This mandatory upgrade enhances the overall security and functionality of the wallet.

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Fix Windows issue where daemon was downloading on each open
  • Fix Windows issue where daemon file size was too large
  • Primer stabilized to avoid instantiating multiple daemons

🎉 Enhancements

  • Updated Divi Core Daemon to 1.0.8 see changelog
  • Show loading information for daemon download
  • UI updates and enhancements


Download Core on GitHub
Download Desktop on GitHub
Download from our website

Stex Trading Competition is Live

This week kicked off the Stex trading competition. Twenty-five traders have the opportunity to earn a piece of a 500k $DIVI pie.


Today, Friday, March 6th, I participated in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session with the LAToken Telegram channel. Their admin asked Community-generated questions, and I gave my answers to the 12.5K readers on their channel.

Read the transcript here.

When 1000?

We are gearing up for a massive giveaway once Divi reaches 1000 masternodes. As of the time of writing, 915 masternodes are active on the network.


To participate in the giveaway, readers will need to tune into our Discord Server's #giveaway channel.

So far, the prizes include:

  • 10x 10k $DIVI
  • 5x free month discord nitro
  • 10x mocci promo codes
  • 20x bags Divi coffee
  • 2x Divi syrup
  • 2x Divi maple butter
  • 2x tees from Divi threads
  • 2x hats from Divi threads
  • 1x bottle of Divi olive oil
  • 5x Spectacular Service books, written and signed by Scott Werner

ICYMI - February Update

In case you missed it, you'll want to get up to date with our latest monthly update.



Best performer

Once again, Divi appears on the Masternode Buzz best-performing masternode list at number five this week.


Additionally, Divi continues to outperform every node in Mister Node's portfolio.

Divi Venezuela continues to grow

Our Venezuelan community continues to grow, this week putting on their latest meetup presentation.

First house sale paid in $DIVI?

New gear!

Several new designs are now available for purchase with fiat or $DIVI on Divi Threads


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