March 29, 2019, Weekly Update

Six months strong

March 27, 2019, marked the six month anniversary since the launch of the Divi blockchain and desktop Smart Wallet. The path to this moment has not been straightforward by any means, and the team and I are learning more than I think any of us thought we ever would.

We’ve suffered through unexpected KYC, a failed launch, complete flush and rehire of the development team, scam artists, hacked exchanges, FUD, legal accusations and threats, and so much more but we’ve also achieved quite a bit, and I find myself focusing on those moments far more than the negative ones.

For example:

  • We’ve successfully launched a blockchain that has (at the time of writing) minted over 940 million $DIVI in ~259k blocks,
  • We released a desktop application that makes setting up a masternode easier than ever and has, to this day, not been successfully contested by any other project in the industry.
  • Our lottery has awarded over 12 million $DIVI in winnings to lucky network participants.
  • The network is secured by 60%+ of coins staking and running masternodes, making Divi one of the most 51%-attack-resistant blockchains available.
  • We created a paid masternode subscription that has nearly 400 subscribers and growing.
  • We have built a community of almost 9,000 individuals on Telegram, with 50 Divi Crew members spreading the word about Divi daily for rewards and incentives.
  • Our other social media accounts grow consistently, and regularly.
  • We have paid tens of thousands of dollars in payments to vendors in the real world using our native currency, $DIVI.
  • We are frequently mentioned in mainstream and crypto media.
  • We consistently win awards for being one of the top masternode projects in the space.
  • We have used our charity fund to feed villages in the Philippines, provide computers to orphans in need, and teach kids how to code.

… And so much more!

We have worked extremely hard to develop a grassroots ecosystem of mature participants who are involved, invested, and intrigued by the potential of the Divi Project and I can’t thank the community, newcomers, and especially those who have been with us over the past 21 months since our inception. We are making substantial progress, and it shows. For that, we should all give ourselves a pat on the back.

Development progress

Speaking of making substantial progress, let’s get into the development side of things. If you look closely, you may notice that the roadmap got a little bump today on the mMOCCI (Mobile Masternode One-Click Cloud Installer) item.


After scoping the architecture last week, the team went head-first into implementation this week. We have made extensive progress toward developing a secure server that will facilitate the mobile light client’s ability to deploy a masternode to the cloud. The entire process is 100% automated after the “Deploy” button is tapped by the user.

The next steps in the process will be focused on securely pairing the server/client wallet infrastructure with the deployment wallet. Next, payment processing user-flow will be implemented. Finally, the feature will undergo QA and beta testing. We will release more details on pricing and technicals as progress on the function moves forward, but at the moment, we have the basic functionality working.

New public test net

A new public test network has been deployed and is minting blocks as we speak. This new test net includes much of the post-fork code, including Atomic Swaps, SegWit, PoS v3, and HTLCs.

The code and documentation for the new test net will be published in early April on our GitHub, so stay tuned.

Seeking new hires

We are beginning to interview potential candidates for a new full-stack position at Divi Project, who will take over full-time development of the desktop client. This will allow us to accelerate development timelines and provide more consistent, bi-weekly updates to the Divi Desktop Smart Wallet.

Are you a potential candidate? Send your resume to [email protected] to be considered.

As always, have a great weekend, and if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum.