March 20, 2020, Weekly Update

Strange times

Before we jump into this week's update, I want to take a moment to address the topic on everyone's minds. With so many of us locked down, sheltered-in-place, and uncertain about the future, I want to remind readers that Divi's community is always open to anyone who may need a place to connect.

How is Divi affected?

We are fortunate that Divi is already a fully remote organization, so our transition to this new way of living has been virtually seamless. Our Denmark office is not open due to the lockdown, so that team went home to set up home offices, which took a couple of days. Most of the team have children at home now as well, which, of course, causes some disruption in the daily workflow. However, none of these hurdles have hampered our ability to continue working to meet our internal timelines.

We are also incredibly lucky that our access to capital and sustainable, growing revenues will keep us running through whatever concerns arise on a global scale.

What we can do to help

We understand these trying times can be difficult for those whose jobs cannot allow them to work remotely. I'm sure we all have friends and family who are being laid off of their jobs and losing income in one way or another.

Divi understands the pressure and stresses this can cause, so we are opening the Divi Crew to anyone with no minimum $DIVI requirement. Joining the crew and participating offers the opportunity to earn $DIVI for completing simple micro-tasks. There is even a weekly bonus structure for which participants can receive more substantial amounts of $DIVI.

Divi's ambassador program is also open to anyone with a following of at least 1,000 people. Ambassadors earn $DIVI for creating content about the project and helping onboard users to masternodes and staking.

If you're interested in earning with Divi, reach out to us on Telegram or Discord.

Divi FinTech update

Exciting things are happening on the FinTech side of the project. IBAN issuance is ready and undergoing testing now. We're just awaiting a final review of the technology through the central authorities to move forward with offering these services to the public. The next step is developing the KYC/AML process for onboarding new clients, which should be pretty straightforward as this is not the first time we're developing a KYC solution.

Launch website goes under development


We've been working hard to develop the content for the Divi 2.0 launch website, and the process is moving onto the design. I'm sure I don't need to spell this out for you, but this means that there is nothing left to design for the mobile or desktop versions of Divi 2.0.


LAToken becomes our second-best exchange

While Bitrue is still leading the charge when it comes to volume and liquidity, LAToken is coming strong out of the gate. Typically, new exchanges take 30-60 days to start seeing growth in our experience. LAToken Divi trading is already growing at a rapid rate. This growth is likely a result of co-listing with Phore and PIVX, the AMA on their Telegram channel, coupled with the overall broader built-in community at this exchange.

Smashing through 100k podcast listens

The Divi Crypto Podcast continues to gain traction, this week surpassing 100 000 listens on SoundCloud alone.

Some big names, like Roger Ver, Ian Balina, Dragonchain, and Unstoppable Domains have already made appearances on the show, and we have so much incredible content lined up for the coming weeks. Stay tuned, and thank you for listening!


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