March 15, 2019, Weekly Update

Moving the Chains on development

As another week of development comes to a close at the Divi offices, we have a significant amount of progress to report, so let’s dive right in!

Mobile progress

The Divi Beta Bashers have been hard at work breaking and bashing the Divi Mobile Smart Wallet. This week, we resolved nearly 30 issues and continue to improve the functionality, interface, and experience of the application.

At the moment, we’re testing shared wallets and backup/recovery across multiple devices. Next week, we will start digging into user onboarding flow and some more UX-focused details that the wallet will include on launch. Stay tuned!

Raspberry Pi

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to give a substantial update on the Divi Raspberry Pi Smart Node.

Here’s a quick video update:

It’s crucial that the Smart Node is plug-and-play. We don’t want users to have to think about anything other than earning $DIVI and further decentralizing the network as a whole.

I don’t want to give away all of the cool features that we’ll be working on, but I can tell you that one-click deployment of masternodes from Divi Desktop to the Smart Node will be available at launch.

Diviscan API

As I mentioned in last week’s update, we are working towards open-sourcing the Diviscan API.

A select few beta testers are working with the API now to find any flaws and our security team is performing an audit to ensure that the endpoints are secure.

Further Decentralizing the Network

Speaking of decentralizing the network, we have some exciting new cloud masternode hosting partnerships to announce!



Pecunia has listed all five Divi Masternode Levels on its platform and you can start a masternode for as little as $2.49/mo. right now!

Stack of Stake

We are also pleased to announce a second cloud hosting solution for Divi that will be available within the next week or so. The incredible team at Stack of Stake (full disclosure, this is an affiliate link) are performing their final tests to get Divi’s five levels of entry ready for use.

Stack of Stake differs from Pecunia in that the payment plan comes right out of your monthly rewards!

Bad Crypto Podcast

In case you missed it, definitely check out the interview Tim Sanders and I did with Bad Crypto. According to their marketing department, there have already been 5,000+ downloads of the show!

Listen for yourself here.

We also got a sponsorship mention on the Bad Crypto episode that just aired with CZ of Binance!

You can listen to that episode here. Divi is mentioned at 3:30.

The End of the DIVX/DIVI Swap

We officially closed the DIVX/DIVI swap at the beginning of February. However, we realize that some folks still have DIVX left on Cryptopia that has been inaccessible. For that reason, we will be opening the swap for 7 days only, once Cryptopia officially reopens.

You can read more details about how to redeem here.

New Explorer

You can now explore the Divi Blockchain on Chainz! Chainz offers a number of great features, a slick interface, and a fast response time. Give it a try!

As always, have a great weekend, happy St. Patrick's Day (to those who celebrate), and if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum