March 13, 2020, Weekly Update

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been quite the eventful year, despite being less than three months old. While the world's financial markets and health are in question, one thing is clear at Divi. The train keeps rolling.

Roadmap updates

The on-site roadmap is up to date, and there are some significant changes of which users should take note.

IBAN Registration

We are successfully registering new IBANs (International Bank Account Numbers) using the Ridivi system now. These accounts are fundable, and we are in the process of testing local (Costa Rica) transfers. International transfers will follow.


User Experience


Implementation of the Divi 2.0 application UX is nearly complete. On-boarding and wallet instantiation for both Bitcoin and Divi is one of the more significant feature sets necessary to make the rest of the wallet function and work on this is coming to a close.


Following the implementation of the user experience, the feature requirements are much simpler to integrate, and we feel very confident about the direction.


WhatsApp Channel Partnership

As of Wednesday, we are in the final stages of building out our end of the WhatsApp Integration. We know there is a lot of excitement around this opportunity, so stay tuned to our channels to ensure you're the first to know about any updates.


Multi-coin explorer


Work on the multi-coin explorer (working title, Diviscan 2.0), is underway and most of the Divi features ready to go. The design is coming along, and it looks fantastic.


Ridivi Updates

Work on Ridivi is moving along at a significant pace now. We have most of the banking features integrated, and the Admin interface is getting incredibly close to finished.


The admin panel allows us to manage customer accounts, view and approve KYC data, track KPI metrics, and much more.

This admin panel is an integral step in creating a full-service FinTech technology suite.

Listing on LAToken now live


Users can now sign up and trade $DIVI against $BTC on LAToken.

Listing on Midas Investments


Users can earn and trade $DIVI on Midas Exchange and Midas Investments platform now.



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