Map of Divi Nodes

We’re proud to present to you our Google Map that shows the approximate location of our main net full nodes. As you can see, we show a fantastic amount of decentralization in the Divi Network.

Check it out here.

This first map version will help us to visualize where our network is. Once completed, it can help us in a variety of ways:

  • Look for areas of strength so that we can focus more there. (Notice we have a lot of nodes in Australia!)
  • Look for trends whereby we can see more nodes appearing in countries where we are focusing our marketing. For example, let’s say we hire a marketing team, ambassador, or influencer to promote Divi in Bulgaria. We can then track their performance by seeing how many new nodes are appearing there.
  • Discover and focus on weak areas by hiring or building awareness there.
  • Look for areas of concentration in the network so we can focus on decentralization.
  • Glean info about where it might be wise to add a new language option for our apps.

How does it work?

Our MOCCI protocol tracks peers that are talking to it, taking readings every 15 minutes or so. It takes the IP addresses and converts them to GPS points for the map.

Privacy and Security considerations

To protect user privacy, we don’t store any personal information or exact details during the process.

The information we collect starts with IP addresses but converts them to a GPS point. Then, it upgrades that info to a higher Geography class. For example, if it begins with a city, it would upgrade to a state or province. We take this extra measure to make sure that nobody’s exact location is at the pinpoint, even if they live in a cabin in a remote area.

We hope you like the map. If you have any concerns or ideas, please contact us to let us know. We will be upgrading the map with new features from time to time and will inform the community when that happens so you can check it out.