June 7th, 2019, Weekly Update

The first week of June is coming to a close, so let’s jump right into our weekly update by reporting on what’s been happening with Divi Project development.

Development update

The Lead Blockchain Developer search narrows

The past few weeks have been filled with non-stop interviews for a new Lead Blockchain Developer to replace our previous dev, Yuri Oleksyshyn. As part of the transition plan, Yuri has been present on every call and is helping us determine who is the right fit for the position.

We have narrowed it down to 3-4 strong candidates who all offer different points of value to the project. For this reason, we are leaning toward hiring more than one individual. One person will take the lead on development, while the other(s) will handle the smaller feature implementations. The desire to hire multiple developers also comes from an eagerness to accelerate growth and strengthen the team overall.

Easy on-ramp

The easy on-ramp is ready; however, there is one CryptoWolf API that is blocking the release of the staging environment. We are in close contact with the CryptoWolf team, and they are working hard to resolve the issue so we can move forward with this feature.

Mobile wallet

While several bugs were busted this week, the focus this week was more on getting the infrastructure necessary to deploy frequent updates to the mobile wallet implemented. Continuous integration is key to a streamlined DevOps workflow and iterative development process, so we are excited to have gotten this ready for both Android and iOS.

iOS testing will begin next week.

Omni Analytics Group ranks Divi Project top 3 among masternodes

We were fortunate enough to have the reputable Omni Analytics Group create five separate reports for Divi Project. One analysis for each of the masternode tiers available to our users and the results were astounding.

We ranked in the top three under Omni’s Trust OAG rating and top five under most other weighting strategies.

You can read more about the reports, and download them for your review here.

Divi in the media

Steve McGarry (AKA HackCrypto) took a closer look at our mobile wallet and some of the unique features that it offers, including the one-of-a-kind mMOCCI (mobile masternode one-click cloud installer).

Jason Appleton (AKA CryptoCrow) did a quick overview of Divi Project in his latest live stream, and it sounds like he will do a more in-depth analysis in the coming weeks.

Divi was mentioned multiple times on Masternode.Buzz, who just celebrated their first anniversary. Congratulations, guys!

Exchange updates


Last week, we announced our impending listing on the Bitrue exchange. If you missed that announcement, read it here.

Previously we reported that June 10th would be the launch date, however, due to a Chinese holiday, the official launch date is now June 12th, we have just confirmed with their team.


Swft has enabled deposits and withdrawals for the DIVI cryptocurrency as of this week. Users can now swap DIVI with 170+ other currencies, easily.

As always, have a great weekend, and if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum