June 26, 2020, Weekly Update

Quick update

Since we have the monthly review video coming out in less than a week, I will keep this update short and sweet with some important updates. Stay tuned into our YouTube for the video on July 1!

DiviPay core improvements

After the first rounds of Beta Bashing, we found several areas of improvement that we had to address before moving forward with more testing.

I'm pleased to say that work is now done and the core functionality of the wallet, including identity management, recovery, wallet creation, and security are all working much better. We're getting closer to opening the application up for a public beta.

You can see the improved onboarding and wallet instantiation user-flow below.

Marketing update

As some of you may already know, we are working on a very comprehensive marketing action plan for the launch of our upcoming smart wallet. It is important that we launch with a splash so that all of the effort the team is putting into this software is not in vain.

You already know about the efforts being put forth by Blockchain Velocity for our Asian marketing strategy. That plan is coming together nicely and we're very excited to see it begin. But Asia is only one of four major launch markets that we will be targeting.

Blockchain Center

Divi is now a sponsor of Blockchain Center Miami, of which Nick Spanos is the Chairman. As part of this sponsorship, Divi will be the primary non-custodial wallet that BCM recommends. We have access to all of the events that take place both physically and online. Further, the Center is building a strategy that will specifically target the Latin American markets, one of our primary launch markets.

New CMO Advisor, Zoe Cox


To round out our forthcoming marketing efforts, a new CMO Advisor has come abord the Divi team.

Zoe Cox is a marketing consultant and strategist with 15+ years of experience in creating and implementing campaigns that work seamlessly online, and in the real world. Working across paid, owned and earned she is a wealth of experience distilling data into insights and creating actionable plans and engaging content that really cut through. She has worked in media, digital and creative agencies as well as in-house at places like the BBC. She has significant experience working with startups as both as an investor and advisor. She has worked with clients like Samsung, Heineken, Sky, Disney, California Tourism, Renault and Pernod Ricard to name a few.


Collective Intelligence

Our friends at CoinGenius are putting on their second edition of Collective Intelligence, a virtual conference focused on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and digital finance. The event has been fantastic so far and was even mentioned on CoinTelegraph.


Yesterday, I sat on a panel discussing masternodes, and today I will deliver a full presentation on masternodes and the importance of passive income in a recession.

The event is free for everyone, all you need to do is register.


Melchionda Network

KIFS Crypto & Satoshi Sean


Divi Crypto Podcast

IvanOnTech Mention

Ivan mentioned possibly doing a full video on Divi in his latest video. Maybe we can politely encourage him to make that happen!