June 12, 2020, Weekly Update

Development Update

Improved testnet

As we integrate new features, we're also improving upon the test framework that enables the tech to release to the public. We are in the final stages of building and testing a new Divi Testnet. This new Testnet is a fork of the current one but includes enhancements and improvements necessary for some of the forthcoming technology we are releasing.


MOCCI 2.0 is one such feature that the Testnet improvements enable. The update includes a renovated startmasternode function that allows the remote deployment of new nodes by existing nodes.

MOCCI light client load balancer

One of the resulting benefits of the MOCCI 2.0 upgrade is the ability to load balance the functions of the mobile wallet across the nodes. Additionally, we can automatically send updates to the nodes across the entire network, and bootstrap new nodes from over a thousand trusted blockchain data sources.

Litecoin & Bitcoin integration

Litecoin and Bitcoin integration with the mobile wallet is going into internal testing today. Our framework enables any UTXO- or Bitcoin-based blockchain to integrate within minutes. Expect to see many more coins in the mobile wallet after launch.


DiviGo, the application that enables WhatsApp staking and wallet functionality, is getting an update today. Users can expect enhanced usability and bug fixes in this push.

Bithumb Global

Deposits and trading are live on Bithumb Global. Tune back into the blog this evening at 8 pm CST for an exclusive update from The Bad Crypto Podcast as well as more information and announcements regarding the listing!

Nodes & Beta sign-ups continue to increase


Beta sign-ups saw an increase of more than 10% this week. If you haven't already, go ahead and sign up now.


Masternodes are up nearly 5% this week, reaching a new all-time high of 1222!


Divi is now on StakingRewards, a site that analyzes and tracks statistics for masternode and staking coins. The site is one of the highest-ranking aggregators by web traffic and provides a comprehensive overview of the assets that they list.

Give their Divi calculator a shot!

Note: Their calculations assume everyone who is not holding a masternode is staking, so keep that in mind when using the calculator.

Philanthropy update

Top performer

Divi was a top-performing masternode this week.


CoinTelegraph Hodlers Digest


Divi appeared on CoinTelegraph's Top 100 Winner's list this week.

Divi Crypto Podcast with Ontology

Satoshi Sean & KIFS Crypto