July 26, 2019, Weekly Update

July has been quite the eventful month behind the scenes. We're establishing new partnerships, bringing on new employees, and revamping just about everything internally. Eventually, all these changes will come to fruition externally but there isn't much we can publicly state at this time. So, for now, I will give you a quick update with as much information as possible.

Blockchain Team Back in Full Force

Hiring for the Blockchain Core Team was not an easy process. We went through literally hundreds of professional candidates, consulting firms, and freelancers searching for developers. It's crucial to find teammates who have not only the skillset required but also the passion and desire to build the solutions on which Divi is working. After months of searching, interviewing, and debating, we've finally brought on a full team that meets all the criterion. Today, I will announce three of the new team members, and next week, we'll announce the other three. That's right; we hired six individuals to take over blockchain development and maintenance.

Duncan Lemp

Duncan Lemp (left-center)

Duncan is a DLT Full-Stack Engineer at Geometric Energy Corporation. He is passionate about using technology to improve the world in a data-driven manner. He has always strived to help people with superior data-driven insights, in and out of the technology industry. At 42 Silicon Valley, he learned not just how to program but how to work in, and lead, a technical development team through the hardest of 48-72 hour code sprints and longest of temporally invariant side projects.

Coalescing latent skill in his peers, he has led multiple teams and companies to success and provided mission-critical services to dozens of clients. As an engineer, he has contributed to projects and companies ranging from cosmological simulations to hedge funds.

Duncan seeks to continue using data-driven methodologies to improve the quality of the people's lives most efficiently and effectively possible.

Trevor Church


Driven and eager, Trevor is a natural speaker with 10 years experience in communications and marketing.
With a recent background exhibiting at E32018 and working the floor of GDC2018 with Tokenplay as a community manager
his most recent move to Geometric Energy Corporation as a Multimedia and content developer as well as DevOps communications lead
is right in his wheelhouse. Outside of work Trevor does freelance art for local co-ops and enjoys spending time with his children.

Thomas Smith


Thoms is Director of Software Engineering of Geometric Energy Corporation. A full-stack polyglot hacker, Thomas is an automation, marketing and distributed systems visionary with 15 years experience in development. A total geek entrepreneur from an early age, he founded several blockchain and esports companies, many of which were acquired. Additionally, Thomas serves as an administrator in Crypto Coin Trader, Cryptocurrency Collectors Club and a variety of other groups on facebook, telegram and discord, providing automated news, technical and emotional support to an overall effective audience of nearly half a million crypto enthusiasts.

Within the last 3 years, Thomas co-authored 6 whitepapers, led development at Trive News to MVP, original architect and E32018 exhibitor for Tokenplay as blockchain lead, backend engineer at Hoard and was part of the core development team at HaloPlatform. Aside from his work, he is a stay at home father of two and his hobbies are dad jokes, firehose data collection, programmatic sentiment and bias analysis. He is comfortable with javascript, react, react native, node, angular, meteor, electron, vue, python, django, perl, ruby (and rails), html, php, laravel, cake, css, bootstrap, scss, forth, c, ++, #, sql, postgresql, inidb, mongodb, flutter, json, go, solidity and lua, not limited to, in no particular order, on a pick your poison basis.

When Mobile?

We're delighted to see that everyone is excited about the mobile wallet, which is why we've thrown it away.

When we set out to build the wallet, we had limited resources and time, so we chose to fork Bitpay and re-engineer it to suit our needs. Despite a successful fork and addition of most of the features essential to our users, the results just weren't up to the standards that we aim to exceed at Divi.

Because we are making significant improvements to our development resources, we have the opportunity to do this the right way, natively, from scratch. As such, development on the updated version is already moving at a breakneck pace.

We already have a majority of the UX design finished, and much of it implemented. We are creating a bespoke back-end API that ensures our light client operates more efficiently. This API also makes it easier to integrate new blockchains and fiat payments.

Mockups subject to change

As always, we will be as transparent as possible in the development process as it moves along.

In the meantime, we have a full team dedicated to delivering consistent, bi-weekly desktop updates.

Overhauling Everything

It's incredible how quickly things can change in the crypto/blockchain industry. We've been extremely fortunate to have some incredible partners come aboard recently that are providing us with more resources and opportunities than ever before. Stay tuned in for the next few months as we roll out some massive changes to the Divi brand, ecosystem, and network. Yes, this is a pre-announcement of many upcoming announcements. 😉