July 19, 2019, Weekly Update

We're nearly halfway through summer already, and things are heating up at Divi. Let's jump right into this week's update.

Divi Desktop Version 1.3.0 Changelog

Divi Desktop Version 1.3.0 implements several new features and fixes for which users have been itching. Check out the changelog below.

🚀 Features

  • Two-Factor Authentication
    Secure the following wallet features with 2FA
    • Send
    • Backup
    • Unlock wallet
    • Console access
    • Deploy masternode
    • Dismantle masternode
    • Unsubscribe from masternode

Users can access the 2FA settings by clicking the Settings gear icon on their Desktop wallet and selecting the Security tab. From there, use Google Authenticator, Authy, or your favorite 2FA software to complete the setup.


  • Blockchain "Primer."
    The blockchain "Primer" serves as a method for out-of-sync wallets to quickly regain sync status.

If your node is less than 70% in sync with the network, you will automatically receive a Primer download option on startup. If you'd like to forego the Primer download, select 'Close' and your client will sync with the network the "old fashioned way."


Automatic Primer downloads can always be turned off in the Settings.

  • MOCCI email notifications
    Add your email/username to be notified if there is an issue with your MOCCI-deployed masternode

Users can access the automated MOCCI email notification options from the Settings on the User tab. Enter your email address and desired username and you will receive an email if your MOCCI-deployed node goes down.


Your email is not stored in a central database nor will it be used for marketing purposes.

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Remove "Redeployment required" from manual masternode deployments
  • Same description for Gold and Silver masternode
  • MOCCI stability improvements
  • Minor UI updates
  • Minor security updates


Most current users will receive an auto-update to version 1.3.0. However, new users can download the latest version of Divi Desktop from our Github or Website now.

MOCCI stability updates

We experienced some instability with MOCCI deployments over the past week and have published a hotfix/workaround for the issue. Users should check their deployments, especially if they have copper or silver masternodes and dismantle/redeploy if necessary.

New team members

We are now working closely with Thomas Smith and Alexander Reay and their respective teams to onboard several new development resources. The latest hires are joining the Divi Project full-stack, blockchain, security, and product management departments.

We will have more updates and information on new team members in the coming weeks.


Bad Crypto Podcast featured Divi on their latest episode with Yael Tamar. You can hear our spot at the 1:55 mark.

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