July 10, 2020, Weekly Update

Development update

Divi FinTech

Automated Transactional Alerts are now ready to go into production. This feature enables users to receive instant alerts of new payments to their accounts. It also allows for real-time payment processing.


We got Tier 4 approval through our channel partnership with WhatsApp, which permits us to create multi-media messages within the application. This improvement will enable us to create a much more attractive UI for the DiviGo application.

New Beta Builds

Beta Bashers will be receiving new beta builds today to test some of the core functionality. I will provide a more in-depth beta update during the mid-month video update.

Chart appearances

Mister Node best performer


Once again, the $DIVI position accounts for a majority of Mister Node's portfolio growth.

MyCointainer best performer

Masternode community awards


Masternode Buzz held their annual masternode community awards recently, and Divi came in second place!

Exchange Updates

New Exchanges Coming

We are currently considering several new exchange listings and have announcements coming regarding this effort.

XBTPro lists $DIVI


A new exchange, XBTPro, now offers $DIVI for trading against their native token $NEXBT and $BTC. The exchange blocks U.S. IP addresses, so keep that in mind if you're planning on trading there.

XBTPro will soon offer an OTC trading desk for $DIVI buyers and sellers as well.

Bitrue reduces $DIVI withdrawal fees

At the request of our community, Bitrue made withdrawal fees for $DIVI dynamic based on USD. At the time of writing, withdrawals cost as little as 41 $DIVI. The fee will adjust with the price of the coin and remain around $2.00 moving forward.

Key Performance Indicators


Masternode deployments reach yet another all-time high this week with an increase of ten nodes.


Overall, Masternodes makeup 51% of the network's ecosystem and account for roughly $42M in value.


Beta wallet sign ups saw the most significant increase among our metrics this week, with a rise of 3.6% over last week. Shall we celebrate 10,000? Make sure you're signed up!


KIFS Crypto & Satoshi Sean

Satoshi Sean & KIFS Crypto

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CryptoTube Project Update


Melchionda Network