January 17th, 2020, Weekly Update

New core and desktop versions out now

The ecosystem is undergoing a wide-scale upgrade. A new core and desktop version are both available now. We highly recommend upgrading if you are running a node via CLI. Desktop wallet users receive the upgrade automatically upon updating the desktop wallet. The MOCCI nodes are all running the latest version already, and no action is necessary if you are running one.

Divi Core 1.0.7 Changelog


  • Change client revision version (both numbering and string values where present) form 4 to 7 in both configure.ac & clientversion.h
  • Add a function to determine the collateral amount from int-encoded masternode tier
  • Employ function described in (2) inside CMasternode::Check() && to compare present collateral to expected collateral
  • The definition of IsCoinSpent was expanded include a comparison argument to a reference collateral amount for use with the function defined in (2)

Divi Desktop 1.6.0 Changelog

This minor upgrade enhances the Divi Desktop application while improving the user experience and fixing several bugs.


  • Modification of service management for MOCCI to prevent false "not started" notifications
  • Fixes and enhancements for the payments UX
  • Security enhancements and stabilization improvements


  • A new core version implements several functional enhancements and security upgrades to the blockchain including more stringent checks to masternode collateral across the network
  • More efficient masternode deployment process across a more distributed set of regions and hosting providers
  • Faster remote deploy times cut the MOCCI process down by roughly 3 minutes
  • Faster remote deploy times cut the MOCCI process down by approximately 3 minutes
  • More efficient dismantle and unsubscribe process


4000+ Sign-ups for Divi 2.0

An incredible number of people are excited about Divi 2.0 and have signed up on our site to be the first to know when it is ready.

Banking features

There is a lot of shared excitement around the Divi offices this week because our central bank technology partnership is officially underway and in development. Within the next couple of weeks, we will be testing domestic transfers using IBANs in Costa Rica. Once that is ready, we'll expand the technology to the rest of the world. This moment is a monumental step towards one of the most critical Divi 2.0 features. It allows users to not only send money all over the world but also reduce the fees for doing so using Divi!


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