January 11, 2019, Weekly Update

Divi Desktop Version 1.2.0

After a very long sprint, the time has come for our sixth production release of the Divi Desktop Smart Wallet!

This minor upgrade introduces the PayPal integration that allows users to pay for hosting their MOCCI-deployed masternodes in the cloud.

A lot of testing and development has gone into creating a payment flow that makes sense for users and is as easy to use as people have come to expect Divi software to be. Still, there are no doubt things we missed, and we urge all our users to report any bugs or issues to our Telegram support channel.


  • MOCCI UX improvements.
  • MOCCI Dismantle optimization. Dismantling now takes about 2 seconds.
  • PayPal subscription to MOCCI.
  • UTXOs only combine on MOCCI deployment only if the “Transaction too large” error occurs. This update will save staked coins from resetting their age and assist in subsequent deployments.
  • Export transaction history to CSV.
  • Updates to remote security infrastructure.
  • Remove incorrect “Additional bonus” percentages from MOCCI modal.


Divi Desktop Version 1.2.0 is available for automatic download or via our website and on GitHub.


If you have any additional questions regarding the PayPal MOCCI service, feel free to browse our FAQ entry on the topic.

What to expect next

There are some minor things we want to polish up surrounding the PayPal integration, and they will be out in the coming weeks. However, it is time the full stack team got back to work on the mobile wallet. We can’t wait to share this technology with you guys and look forward to the possibility of activating new users in the real world via our mobile solution.

The core team is hard at work implementing SegWit & Lightning, and I will have a blog out regarding that technology in the next week or so.


Although we put out an official statement regarding the Cryptopia hack and our plans to resolve the issue of liquidity by listing on new exchanges, we want to be clear that the problem is of the utmost importance to us, and we have signed contracts with two new exchanges who have agreed to list us.

The exchanges are… (drumroll please) … Exrates and Crex24.

Of course, we do not control these exchanges and urge everyone to trade at their own risk, and never leave any coins on the exchange.


The Divi Crew has been rocking the web with content, posts, upvotes, likes and tweets and we just experienced our most active week since the inception of the Crew.

We are always looking for new members to join and spread the word about Divi to the masses. If you want to help increase the exposure of your favorite coin (ok, we hope it's your favorite coin) while earning more of it in the process, reach out to us on Telegram and let one of the Admins know you’d like to join.


Nick was in Miami for The North American Bitcoin Conference where he made and nurtured some critical strategic relationships.

Nick is speaking at NAMM this Sunday on a panel about Blockchain in the Music Industry.

Geoff was interviewed on DARC

Nick was interviewed on Steve McGarry’s channel

As always, if you have any questions, find us on Telegram or the Forum