Instant Divi Masternode Pooling with Stack of Stake

We are pleased to announce the launch of $DIVI on Stack of Stake! Now, users have a new, third-party option for deploying a Divi Project masternode to the cloud and earning cryptocurrency, easily!

The Stack of Stake service offers instant, shared masternodes for DIVI.

Stack of Stake features include the following:

• 0-click-masternode-launch
• full automation
• instant masternode join
• instant reward accrual
• instant withdrawal
• no deposit or withdrawal fee
• instant auto-reinvest
• no minimum deposit / masternode join amount
• super-clean and intuitive interface
• referral system

Join a shared masternode in 2 clicks:
Click 1 - Login with your social network account: Facebook, Twitter, Google supported (don't forget to confirm your email).
Click 2 - Deposit your DIVI coins.
You will start to receive rewards instantly!

Sign up on Stack of Stake today and explore their masternode experience!
Got questions or suggestions? Join the Stack of Stake official Discord server:
Need support? Feel free to report any issues to [email protected].

Disclaimer: Divi Project and affiliate organizations do not own any part of Stack of Stake and do not benefit financially from the deployment of Stack of Stake nodes. Stack of Stake is a beta software offering and use is at the discretion of the individual user. Do your research before using any services in the cryptocurrency space.