How to Get DIVI

If you want some Divi, there are a lot of ways to get it besides buying it on an exchange. Here’s a list of all the ways to get Divi, or get more Divi if you already have it.

Warning! Some of these options are centralized, third-party companies or organizations that aren’t part of the Divi organization. I’m not recommending anyone, just letting you know all the options. DYOR - Do your own research!

Staking Options

Most people know that you can set up the Divi wallet on your home computer, leave it unlocked for staking, and earn more DIVI by running a “full node” as part of our network. But did you know that there are other options to stake? Like, what if you don’t have a computer? Or, your computer can’t be left on all the time? There are two CENTRALIZED options for doing this. You send your coins to these services and they’ll stake them for you.

My Cointainer

My Cointainer has a pretty cool idea… just send your tokens and they do everything for you. Staking, masternodes, lottery wins, whatever it takes to maximize your gain. And they take their fee out of the winnings. It’s “stupid easy”, just the way Divi likes it.


Pecunia Masternode Hosting

Our MOCCI is the easiest and safest way to set up a Divi Masternode, and it supports the team, but it isn’t the cheapest option. Pecunia is cheaper, and is therefore more cost-effective for our lower tiers such as copper and silver.

Pooled Masternode Service

Want to run a masternode, but don’t have enough for one? With Stack of Stake’s service, you can pool your DIVI with others to set up a masternode. With enough funds together, you can rise up the masternode tiers to get a better return for everyone participating.


Now you can swap many of your other tokens directly for Divi, for only a 0.5% fee, using CryptoWolf. It’s easy. Just tell them your swap coin address that you’ll be sending from, and your DIVI address. Hit swap and they’ll give you an address to send your coins to. Send them there and after 6 confirmations, plus 3 minutes, you’ll find DIVI in your wallet.

Also Swft Blockchain swaps DIVI too:


You can always go the traditional route and buy on an exchange, and there are several to choose from. Click this link for a list:

Divi Exchange List

Buy DIVI with a Credit Card

If you're not from the U.S. you can buy up to $1000 worth of DIVI using Cryptowolf's service. There's a 12% commission, but if you go through localbitcoins to get BTC and then swap or exchange it, you may end up paying something similar anyway. You can do that here. Just select US Dollar for the Deposit type.

CryptoWolf Fiat Swap

FREE DIVI!? Whaaat?

Did you know it’s pretty easy to get yourself some free Divi? All you need to do is join the Divi Crew, and do various microtasks. You’ll be assigned to a team by Robert, our Divi Crew team leader, and you’ll help your team to compete.

The tasks include things like re-tweeting, liking, upvoting, making comments, and finding new opportunities for the Divi Crew.

The Divi Crew also has various contests, a weekly lottery, and a weekly reward for the crew member of the week!

To join the Divi Crew, contact Rober at @RobertSZ on Telegram by sending him a DM. It’s probably a good idea to do some posting on our main telegram too so that people know you a bit. Don’t worry, we’re a friendly bunch.

You can also get Divi by joining our Telegram and getting Tipped by other Divi fans. If you make people laugh, entertain enough, or do something that helps Divi in some way and talk about it there, someone is likely to throw coins at you using the TipBot.

Divi Telegram