How to Encrypt the Divi Desktop Wallet

As we all know, securing your funds is an extremely important aspect of cryptocurrency usage. This guide will show you how to encrypt your wallet via the Divi Desktop client.

1. Open the Divi Desktop Wallet Debug Console

You will see the console in the top right hand corner of the wallet client interface.


2. Create a password


encryptwallet "mycoolpw"

Where "mycoolpw" is a secure password that you will remember.

Note: Quotation marks are required

Press ENTER.

You may have to wait a few moments for the following screen to appear.


Click EXIT.

Reopen the Desktop Wallet

Pro tip: Save your password somewhere safe like 1Password or LastPass.

3. Validate your password


Open the debug console once again and type

walletpassphrase "mycoolpw" 120

Where "mycoolpw" is the password you created in step 2, and 120 is the length of time you wish your wallet to be unlocked for in seconds (ie. 2 minutes in this example).

Press ENTER.

You should see a blue lock at the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Pro tip: Calling walletpassphrase "mycoolpw" 0 will unlock the wallet indefinitely or until you lock it yourself.

4. Lock your wallet

You can always lock your wallet by opening the debug console and typing


Pro tip: Once walletlock is called, you will need to call walletpassphrase before performing any additional actions.