How to Complete Divi's KYC Process

The time has come to complete the Divi Know Your Customer / Anti-Money Laundering process.

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This process is only required if you are planning to redeem DIVX (ERC-20) tokens for DIVI coins on or after September 27, 2018. If you are a newcomer to DIVI and only own DIVI, you can disregard this post.

Note: It is highly recommended that you complete this process from a desktop computer and not a mobile device.

Step 1

Access the KYC redemption page and click Start.

Step 2

Fill out the form thoroughly. All required fields are marked with an asterisk *

Step 3

Upload the required documents and wait for the verification process to take place.

Note: If you are not instantly verified at this step, don't fret as we will manually review your case and, assuming you are approved, email you your link. Please do not reach out to us directly as it will only prolong our ability to manually assess your case.

Step 4

Bookmark the redemption page that you are brought to after being approved by the system and follow the steps on the page to prepare for the DIVX -> DIVI redemption on September 27, 2018.


Reasons for not being instantly verified

The company we are using for KYC has supplied us with documentation regarding the supported countries and match rates.

If you are not instantly verified we will manually review your case and reach out to you if any further detail is required.


Please read our post regarding the subject.

How long will the manual review take?

We will be actively reviewing all cases and will get to your case as soon as possible. In most cases we will reach out within 12-24 hours.

Can I resubmit for faster verification?

No, we urge everyone to only submit the KYC/AML form once. Doing it more than once will only cause further delays in responding to everyone.

Can I use someone else's redemption link?

Your personal security is your responsibility. We urge everyone to complete the process themselves. Be extremely wary of using a redemption link that someone shared with you as they could potentially be a scammer. If someone is not a verified administrator or member of the team, they are not affilliated with the Divi Project.

How long do I have to redeem?

KYC redemption will be open for the forseeable future and we will update the community if/when this is likely to change.

Further questions?

Need support? Join our support Telegram here: