DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 24: The Future Of Gaming And Decentralization

Show Notes from the DIVI Crypto Podcast Episode 24 with Geoff McCabe and Andy Colosimo of Xaya

As Bitcoin's popularity continues to rise, so does Blockchain. Usage is growing rapidly in gaming, and more players are starting to appreciate the benefits of using the new technology.

In today's episode, Geoff McCabe the CEO of The Divi Project, and Andy Colosimo, the co-founder of Xaya. Both guests took the time to explain and further shed light on the phenomenon that is Blockchain and how it can affect the current status of decentralized gaming. The three discuss a lot of vital information that can help listeners understand more about Blockchain.

Topic #1: What Does Xaya Develop?

Andy explains a little about what their teams at Xaya do in terms of using Blockchain as the central system in most of their developing games. He believes that Blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency. Xaya developed a game called Chrono Kings, which is a decentralized game that uses Bitcoin-style internal currency. Also, the team developed Huntercoin, which is similar to Chrono Kings.

Topic #2: Is Time An Issue For Players Around The World

Another concern brought up was the time regarding these decentralized games. The trio discussed if there was an issue about the logins and if there was a need to put aside time to be able to make progress. Geoff answered this by telling a story of the past, wherein he said that he only logged in for a few hours, and this was sufficient to make his assets grow. So, no, time is rarely an issue when it came to blockchain gaming. It's all about the assets and how you play it.

Topic #3: Blockchain Is A Way To Uplift Poor Countries

Andy believes that Blockchain can help the lower-class countries because it is a type of wealth that many users create and not take away from others. The trio sees a bright future ahead regarding cryptocurrency because the assets earned belong to the players themselves, giving them more and more chances of winning. It doesn't matter what age the players are or where they're from, and that's the beauty of cryptocurrency: it welcomes everyone and gives all players a big chance.

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