Friday Update 7-20-2018

We’d like to thank all of our amazing Divi supporters who have stuck with us during the delays. We see many of you keeping a great positive attitude and long-term outlook, and that inspires us to work harder. We’re creating an entire ecosystem with many new features to improve cryptocurrency so that it will ready for everyday use. This takes time, and we want to make sure it’s done right. It will be worth the wait.

Security GUI Features

We are continuing to work on improving the security features of the desktop wallet and making them easy to use for all users.

  • Lock/unlock & encrypt wallet
  • First run info on security hygiene and wallet setup
  • Seed phrase on first run GUI
  • Recover with seed phrase GUI
  • Password for unlocking GUI (optional)
  • Lock/unlock & encrypt

The beta testers have had this feature for a week and it’s looking good. We have integrated these settings into both the settings section along with being able to easily lock and unlock from the status area in the app. Some of the changes we are looking to make for this feature are to include encrypting the wallet when it’s first created and not allowing it to be optional. We feel that this will ensure that all users are taking the best measures possible for security hygiene. We expect to be releasing this to the public in the next few days.

A sample screenshot:


Next we will be working on the ‘first run info on security hygiene and wallet setup’. This feature will walk users through setting up a wallet for the first time, encrypting the wallet, and setting a password for locking and unlocking. We expect to have this out to the beta testers by Tuesday of next week.

Dev Team Updates

We're also ready to announce that we'll be setting up a new development headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. This will allow us to have our team inhouse so that we can ensure that we are meeting schedules and delivering the best possible code to you. Vilnius is also the location of the European Blockchain Centre: Click Here

There are a few reasons for moving to Vilnius:

Team size - The skill level of developers in Lithuania is top-notch and allows us to create a larger development team while being able to reduce our development cost.

Lithuania loves Blockchain - This small country boasts one of the highest levels of internet-connectivity in the world, and the government is very pro-crypto and pro-blockchain.

Warm Welcome - Unlike most counties, who seem more likely to consider crypto o be something seedy, the government of Lithuania is actively reaching out to blockchain companies to encourage them to relocate there. They're offering all kinds of help, including grants, recruitment, training, and more.


New Security Team

To further boost our efforts to provide world-class security for Divi, we've enlisted the talents at Pervade Security, who are currently auditing our code and advising us on various security-related issues. They are also doing penetration testing for Divi.

Pervade Security

Having come highly recommended, the guys at Pervade have experience as white-hat offensive hackers, working for the NSA and others.

New Foundation in Panama

"The Divi Project Foundation" is now set up in the country of Panama. Panama's laws surrounding foundations are very flexible, allowing us to be better able to inscribe the foundation's regulations to better match to the needs of a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization.)

The world's laws really don't know what to do with DAOs. How do you regulate an entity that exists worldwide and has no leader? Trying to set up blockchain governance in a way that fits into the world's antiquated legal system is quite a challenge. It's a problem that every cryptocurrency faces, and really isn't fully solved yet.

The Divi Project Foundation exists to handle the funds generated by our token sale, and those created by the Divi Blockchain's block awards. 10% of block rewards go to this treasury, to be spent on development, marketing, and charity. This foundation represents YOU the DIVI coin-holding community.

New Advisor: Doug Scott

We're very happy to announce the addition of Doug Scott to our team, helping to focus on long-term marketing strategies. Doug is a world-class expert at "telling stories" using a variety of marketing media.

Doug was formerly president of Ogilvy Entertainment, a top Hollywood advertising agency. He brings with him decades of marketing experience and a wealth of cryptocurrency connections, having already introduced Divi to many top influencers in the crypto space. LinkedIn

He's also an advisor to Max Keiser's Heisenberg Capital: