Final End of Swapping DIVX to DIVI


The final end of DIVX to DIVI token swap is coming up soon. Once Cryptopia re-opens, DIVX holders will have 7 days to swap, and after that, the portal closes forever. Please tell your friends.

Swap History

We’ve now been doing the DIVX to DIVI redeem/swap/exchange since September 27, 2018. By the time we complete this, it will have been around 6 months.

We’ve been sending out emails, social media notifications, website posts, and mentioning it again and again on Telegram.

By now, everyone should have had enough time to do this, and we’ve done our part to notify everyone.

Cryptopia Hack

Cryptopia was hacked in January and it appears that 45,000 or so DIVX may have been stolen by bad actors. We’re watching the situation and expect them to try to redeem it for DIVI so they can dump it on an exchange. In order to prevent that:

We now require ONLY manual KYC for the redemption process. Contact [email protected] or on Telegram: @EdwinaBe

You’ll need to prove you aren’t a hacker by finding a way to show that you’ve had DIVX from before the hack. Possible proof:

  • Contact us from an Email or Telegram account that’s on one of our email lists from before the hack.
  • Show us a TXID from the ICO
  • Show us a TXID from before the hack from the wallet that you’re going to redeem DIVX from.

Swap will be open for 7 days more ONLY

Once Cryptopia allows users to remove their DIVX again, which could be any day now, we’ll open up the swap for 7 days only. We will announce it on all our channels when this happens.

Stay tuned. Check our socials for this alert. Sign up for our email list below:

DO NOT MISS THIS WINDOW!!! After this period has ended, the token swap will be closed for good and we will not respond to any requests with regard to this matter.