February 28, 2020, Weekly Update

As we come to the end of the shortest month of the year, we have about which to be excited. I plan on keeping this blog update short because we will deliver the monthly video update this Sunday, March 1, 2020.

STEX Trading competition


Our latest exchange listing, STEX, is opening a 500,000 $DIVI trading competition on their platform on March 1, 2020.

The top 25 participants will split a pool of 500,000 $DIVI based on their proportionate trading volume during the competition period. That means you can't just make one good trade and win the biggest prize - you must be consistent!

The competition lasts through March 31, 2020, so if you plan on participating, we recommend getting your accounts set up now.

Read more about the competition on the STEX Medium Blog.

Mandatory update imminent

As we begin to implement the underlying infrastructure for Divi 2.0, we will be conducting a series of updates. Some mandatory, some non-compulsory but recommended. With that in mind, users can expect a mandatory update across all apps and daemons next week.

Desktop update

Desktop users only need to install the auto-update or download the latest version from the website or GitHub at the time of release.

Masternode updates

Users who are running a MOCCI masternode don't need to do anything. All servers will be automatically updated.

Users who are running a manual masternode should plan on updating manually.

CLI update

CLI users will need to update manually, as always. We will provide binaries via the usual channels (GitHub and website).


Users should update as soon as builds are available. However, the update will not become mandatory until block 747360, which is roughly five days from the time of writing.

900+ Masternodes!

Vote for Divi


Be sure to cast your vote for Divi as the most innovative masternode project of 2020 in Masternode Buzz's yearly community awards.


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